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In recent years, the use of smartphones has increased at a rapid rate. According to Pew Internet, 56% of American adults have a cell smartphone and 34% of American adults own a tablet. In response to these numbers, there are thousands of apps available to do everything from checking your email to calling a cab. Here are a few apps that can have a big impact on your everyday life.


Do you use Apple Maps or Google Maps for turn- by- turn directions? You might want to give Waze a try. Not only does the app provide basic GPS navigation, it also allows users to give real-time traffic updates. The result is a network of over 30 million users sharing information about everything from traffic, accidents, speed traps and icy roads. You can even unlock rewards for driving certain distances or cutting time out of your commute.

Available on: Android and  iOS


Have you ever forgotten cash somewhere and had to write your friends an IOU? With Venmo, you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay it back, because you can do it immediately from this app! Venmo allows you to connect with people, send money and have it deposited from your bank into their account overnight. Simply connect your credit card to their secure network, select the amount you’d like to send to someone, and poof, the money will be in their account by sunrise. No more empty “I’ll pay you back tomorrow!” promises.

Available on: Android and iOS


For all the runners, joggers and cyclists out there, Endomondo is an app that uses your mobile device to track your workout’s distance, elevation, average speed, time, altitude, calories and several other statistics. The app gives you real- time information as you work out. That information is sent to your online account where you can track it, see a map of your run and view your overall statistics (such as remaining distance to the moon). You can even share your stats on social media to prove to everyone that you did, in fact, run clear across town.

Available on: Android and iOS


Do you ever wish there was an easier way to get all those amazing photographs from your cell phone to your computer without digging up a USB cord, connecting your phone, installing a driver, locating the right file and waiting three hours to transfer the files? Well fear not, Dropbox is the solution. Not only does the Dropbox app give you access to all of your files saved to the cloud, it also automatically uploads every single photo you take on your phone. You can access them by simply opening your Dropbox from any computer in the world and downloading the pictures!

Available on: Android and iOS


Is your desk cluttered with sticky notes? Do you write messages on your arms to remember later? Do you have nonsensical reminders scrawled in your notebook? You might want to give Evernote a look. This app lets you take notes, snap photographs, create to-do lists, set voice reminders, and then syncs them across all of your devices. You can organize and search those notes, set alerts and even add them to a calendar so you won’t forget about that expense report due next Friday.

Available on: Android and iOS

These are just a few terrific apps that will turn your phone into a powerful navigation, financial, fitness, storage and organization tool. Do you have any favorite apps? Share in the comments below!


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