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The Amazon unmanned drone. Image courtesy of Digital Trends.

Last week, founder, Jeff Bezos, revealed plans to launch a new method of package delivery called Amazon Prime Air: a fleet of unmanned drones primed to drop your order on your doorstep within a half hour of the time you complete your purchase.

That’s right. The future is now(ish). Before you start adding things to your virtual cart, take a deep breath. These delivery drones won’t be zipping through the air until the Federal Aviation Administration gives the green light by setting rules and regulations for unmanned aerial vehicles, potentially as early as 2015.

These futuristic delivery robots will cruise through the air with multiple propellers and grips to hold your package until they reach their destination. shared a video of a recent test flight, and it’s remarkable. The concept of making an online purchase and then having it in your hands within the hour (half hour, no less) has been the stuff of pizza delivery and science fiction – until now.

The buzz surrounding what would likely be a watershed moment for home delivery has been aplenty. From those who claim they already know how to hack the drones with a high-tech toolkit MacGyver would envy, to whether or not a fleet of drones flying through the air every day can possibly be safe, not to mention the idea that the sky will be aflutter with the constant buzzing of delivery robots, the Internet is alive with the sound of Amazon Prime Air.

While there are those who doubt the likelihood of this service ever taking flight, there are also those who take a much more optimistic view. If nothing else, now has a whole lot of people talking about them, and to Jeff Bezos, that’s probably not a bad thing.

What are your thoughts on Amazon’s big reveal? Do you think we’ve just had a glimpse of our future, or do you think there’s no way for delivery drones to become a part of our everyday lives? Share with us in the comments section. In the meantime, have a look at Amazon’s test flight of Prime Air below.



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