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Last fall, we discussed inexpensive ways to make your house look expensive. It’s a hot topic among style-savvy homeowners and seasoned interior designers. After all, who doesn’t seize every opportunity to look good for less? Especially since styles tend to shift every season. We just recently witnessed a transition from midcentury to hygge (HOO-gah) home décor trends.

With the ever-changing tide of interior design, accompanied by a seasonal decoration switch, it can be challenging to stay on-trend – not to mention on budget, when you’re striving to make your house look chic and in style.

However, you don’t have to blow your budget to make your home look like an HGTV magazine. The answer lies in a few low-key elements that have the potential to make a high-impact in your home. And the best part? They’re affordable.

Comfort Over Style

Comfort is a 2018 trend that we can get behind! With the emergence of hygge a Danish concept of togetherness, home décor has shifted from prioritizing form and function to indulgence and coziness.

You will see these concepts take the form of oversized throw pillows and blankets and more scented candles.

“Adding throws and pillows is a great way to introduce bold colors and rich textures to any space,” explained Annie Santulli, of Annie Santulli Designs. “They also tend to be tactile and will keep your guests’ idle hands busy and off their phone – for a minute!”

Santulli revealed that jewel tones are making a comeback in 2018. Pantone announced their bold ultra violet 2018 Color of the Year; bright, bold colors have caught the designer eye ever since.

However, if you’re looking to be economical and would rather select a versatile color that compliments any style, try incorporating neutral throws. You’ll get more bang for your buck, should you decide to shake it up next season.

Faux fur throw blanket

Image: Target.com

Gray Long Faux Fur Throw $13.99 (Picture)

Candles are a perfect cost-effective, high-impact addition to any room in your home. They’re more than just source of soft lighting; they cater to your senses of sight and smell in perfect harmony, creating a calm and relaxing vibe in your home.

No really. Smell is psychological, able to affect your mood, sleep and overall physical and mental health. For example, it’s speculated that the scent of peppermint stimulate the mind and body, while scents like jasmine and lavender are supposed to entice sleep and relaxation.

Incorporating candles into a few rooms in your home will not only create a warm, relaxing environment for your guests; it has the potential to affect their very state of mind. Strive to place warm, homey scents, like coffee or fresh baked bread, throughout the home.

Soy candles


The Burlap Bag Soy Candle $20 (Picture)

All of the Lights

Lamps and other lighting fixtures are inexpensive items that can easily change the look of a room. The right – or wrong – lighting has the potential to transform your space, acting as the spotlight to your furnishings and home décor.

“Interesting light fixtures are one of my favorite ways to add glamour to a room and lighting always creates a specific mood for each space,” said Stantulli.

Heather Hess, the lead designer behind interior decorating site, SwatchPop!, suggested to upgrade overhead lighting with a larger-sized chandelier or pendant.

“This one simple upgrade can instantly make a room look more expensive because it will look custom and create a new focal point in the room,” she said. Additionally, overhead lighting can eliminate unflattering shadows in a room that may be distorting the perspective of your décor.

Ceiling light

Image: Target.com

Glass Globe Ceiling Light $69.99 (Picture)

Prints and Petals

Adding interesting artwork is a great way to increase the appeal of an area in your home, creating a polished look with the other furnishings and décor.

“You can change the feel of an entire space by adding an oversized piece of art, and then adding a few accessories that pull the colors into the room,” added Santulli.

You don’t need to spend big bucks to enhance your space with artwork and prints. There are many affordable places to get quality artwork for a reasonable price, like Esty.

“As a print shop, we know the value of art and the joy it can bring to a room,” said Melissa Golz, digital marketing manager from Parabo Press, a photo-printing add for design-minded printers. “The best part about decorating with artwork is that once you tire of it, you can always switch it out for something new!”

Forest prints

Image: Etsy.com

Forest Prints $11.37 (Picture)

Flowers bring more than just a pretty pop of color to a room. Like candles, they appeal to your senses of sight and smell. And if you know where to go, they can also be a low-cost addition to your home décor.

Grocery store flowers are relatively inexpensive, depending on where you shop. Instead of paying upwards of $100 for an arrangement, you can try your hand at assembling your own bouquet for a fraction of the price.

Add a simple, decorative vase from your local second-hand or dollar store and you’ve added a level of hospitality and comfort to your home.

However, if you don’t have the time to assemble a fresh arrangement every week or so, there are still affordable monthly flower subscriptions at reasonable prices.

Image: Bouqs.com

Pomponi Daisies with Eucalyptus $55 (Picture)

Details, Details

Home décor details are the sprinkles on the cupcake. They add a level of simplistic sophistication to a room, usually at a more reasonable price compared to home furnishings and furniture. Upgraded kitchen hardware or a backsplash above an appliance may be just a few of the details that can spruce up your kitchen.

However, when you’re looking for inexpensive details that will make a statement, focus on the surfaces of the home that are usually neglected – your walls and floor.

Mirrors are a great statement piece to your wall, having a higher-impact compared to picture frames and wall decals.

By strategically placing a few mirrors near a lighting source to create a reflection, you create dimension and the illusion that your space is far larger than is actually is.

Round glass wall mirror

Image: Target.com

Round Decorative Wall Mirror $47.49 (Picture)

Let’s face it. Finding a fashionable, affordable rug can be like finding a magic carpet: impossible and probably somewhere in a Disney movie.

However, it’s not impossible to find a reasonably priced rug to transform your space. All you have to do is find the right rug for a room in your home, in both style and proportion.

If you have wood floors, try finding a rug that’s plush and soft. Not only will this add a new texture to the space, but it also creates a welcoming addition to a room. On the other hand, if you already have carpet and you’re just looking to add another layer to your floor, try opting for a thinner rug.

If you’re looking for a rug to go underneath your furniture, like a dining room table and chairs, make sure the rug extends the correct amount of space beyond the furniture above it, as too short of a rug will have the reverse effect of making your space look less expensive and smaller than it actually is.

printed rug

Image: Urbanoutfitters.com

Lazro Printed Rug $119.00 (Picture)

Whether you’re seeking a style that’s on-trend or a home that’s more accommodating and comfortable, using these affordable, but high-impact home décor items will transform your space in overall quality.

“Quality over quantity is key to working with a budget,” said Hess. “Quality does not always mean expensive, think of it as high-impact and statement pieces that will add to your room.”

Do you have budget-friendly home décor hacks? Let us know what we missed in the comments below!

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    1. Hi Sharon:

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