Summer is the perfect time to update your home with a new wave of décor. If you’re thinking of sprucing up your space, try adding some nautical touches for a quick refresh.

If you’re not sure how to add touches of this trend to your home without going overboard, check out our decorating tips for every room of your house.

Living Room

living room - Completely Coastal


The easiest ways to go nautical in the main room of your house is through the addition of color and patterns. You can add small touches with throw pillows featuring stripes or patterns in blues, reds and whites. You can also try something more obvious like clean white pillows featuring anchors, seashells and starfish. If you’re looking for a new color scheme, a fresh coat of blue or white paint can give a room a more nautical look. A jute rug can complement bold color choices for walls and accessories while suggesting the ropes used on ships.

Dining Room

dining room _


The dining room offers multiple opportunities to add some nautical accents. Adding a patterned or clean white tablecloth in fresh linen can add a touch of airiness to the entire room. Lighting fixtures are often the focal point of the dining room. Foregoing a traditional chandelier for more solid fixtures in bright metals or brass are a more subtle nautical option. Table settings featuring blue and white patterned place settings and shell-filled candleholders are easy additions. If you’re looking for a more formal look, skip the bright blues and reds and opt for lighter beige and white hues.


kitchen _


The kitchen may not seem like the most obvious place to put touches of this trend, but adding nautical touches to your kitchen is easier than you think. Opting for distressed cabinets in light blue or gray with high-shine chrome fixtures is a unique way to bring a bit of the beach into your room. A driftwood kitchen table and wicker chairs can serve as a focal point of your room.


bathoom -


The bathroom is a natural choice to add some nautical themed décor. If you prefer a clean white bathroom, you can complement your color choice with bright chrome lighting fixtures and subdued sea life prints in silver frames. The same effect can be achieved with gold or brass metal accents. If you want to add some color, try a navy blue accent wall and towels, or a striped shower curtain. You can accessorize by using real seashells as soap dishes and natural sponges for the bath.



A nautical themed bedroom can be a relaxing or cheerful option depending on your choice of color scheme. Sticking with the traditional blues, reds and whites can give you a bright backdrop to your room, letting you play with bold patterned linens, bedspreads, pillows and rugs. If you prefer a more subdued atmosphere, go for crisp white bedding, and neutral seashore accessories, including shells, driftwood and sea glass.

Whether you prefer bold colors or elegant decorating standards, nautical themed décor offers choices for every taste preference. Try some of these tips to add some perpetual summer style to your favorite rooms this season.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I like that you used more patterns and colors than actual nautical items to suggest the theme, rather than overdoing it. Especially in the bedroom, the use of red, blue, and white with stripes really brings everything together.

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