9 Alternatives to Google Reader - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWith the termination of Google Reader on July 1, fans of the popular news feeder must now look for somewhere else to see the news they want in one particular place. Although many users got used to the features of Google Reader, many of these alternatives offer new and exciting ways to connect with your friends and the news that you love.

For those of you that will continue to use and enjoy these tools, here are nine popular news feeders (in no particular order) that may fit you and your lifestyle.

Digg Reader

Although Digg Reader has not been released quite yet, it will be coming very soon to a computer near you. Digg Reader has generated from the website Digg, where viewers can vote on which articles should get more coverage than others. The simple, yet bold appearance of the reader makes it very easy to navigate. When Digg Reader is finally available to the public, it will be considered one of the top news feeders on the internet.

The Old Reader

The “ultimate social news feeder” is still in beta currently, but soon enough users will be able to use this tool to share news with friends. Users can also like, share and follow trending articles through special tabs. Overall, the features of The Old Reader resemble that of Google Reader, so fans of Google Reader can move to this feeder if they’re uncomfortable with change.


For those of you who are overwhelmed with the complexity of big news feeders with many features, Netvibes offers a single dashboard which can find and monitor information and news from all over the internet including Twitter, Facebook and other sources. The social features help you share information with your friends, which also makes the setup more like Google Reader.


Is it easier for you to learn via images? Do you like reading new information on a portable device? Then Pulse is the news feeder for you. Not only can you access Pulse through your iPad, iPhone or other mobile device, but you can also import the feeds you used from Google Reader. If you’re on the go, Pulse will be a change from a traditional news feed, which even had the stamp of approval from the legendary Steve Jobs.


Some people demand a lot from their news reader and since Google Reader will not be existent after July 1. Newsblur will be an alternative that has many features. Not only do you have all of the social features that help you share with friends and family, but Newsblur allows users to view their content in many different ways. From text only articles, to articles in their original format, Newsblur allows you to customize how you view your information. Due to such high demand, however, they’re currently not allowing anymore free accounts to sign up, so you must pay $24 per year for a membership.


Not into the fancy set-up and overload of visuals? Feedly might be the traditional look many users are looking for. Their service has grown, which has allowed for Feedly to connect to an all-new aggregator with the absence of Google Reader. Sometimes staying with the classic feel is the best feel for some, and Feedly will be exactly that for some news feeder enthusiasts.


Bloglines is resource that provides local news, information, blogs and events, and will keep you updated on what is going on in your community. With Bloglines, you’ll be able to search a database full of entries, which you can access for free when you sign up.


Looking for another mobile app that will appeal to the eye? Flipboard is a mobile app that has a magazine-like feel to the setup, and allows users to pick the topics of the information they would like to see. It has a trendy style and an edgy look that will keep you interested.


Another mobile app that gives more of a classic view is Zite. With a look similar to a newspaper, Zite analyzes the articles that you look at and learns your areas of interest.  As time goes on, Zite finds the best of what people’s interests are, while keeping a simple design.

Are there any readers that we’ve missed? Share your favorites with other Zing readers!


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