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12 Popular Home Décor Trends for 2016 - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Green living is gaining more traction every year, and manufacturers are responding with a wide variety of eco-efficient products. Here are 10 of the greenest home gadgets for 2017.

The Easybulb Plus

easy bulb and app

Image: EasyBulb.com

The Easybulb Plus is an energy-efficient nine-watt LED light bulb that gives you voice control, fine-grained color control and more. Able to last up to 25 years, the Easybulb Plus lets you sync lights in your home to the alarm in your phone. So when you wake up to your smartphone alarm, the lights turn on as well. In addition, you can set specific times for them to turn off and on.


picture of a mist box

Image: Mistbox.com

Have you ever seen those huge air conditioning systems that businesses use to keep their buildings cool? Those systems work extra hard to cool the air around them so that air can be pulled into the ventilation system. Mistbox does the same thing for your home. Powered by the sun, it figures out the right time and conditions to turn on spray bars that mist the air around your air conditioning system. Some homeowners have saved almost a third on their monthly air conditioning bills, and Mistbox may be eligible for tax credits in your area.

Rachio Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler System

Picture of a wifi sprinkler system

Image: Rachio.com

Some parts of the country are in long-term drought conditions. Even in areas where the climate is more stable, water is not as available as it was in the past, and it’s more expensive. The Rachio Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler System gives you complete control over your property’s water system. It connects to the internet and uses your location and upcoming weather patterns to determine the optimal time to water your grounds. The company claims users save a third more than similar systems that are not internet-connected.

Neurio Home Energy Monitor

picture of a home energy monitor

Image: Neur.io

Neurio is a home energy monitor that lets you use your smartphone to keep track of energy use in real time. The monitor is installed in the electrical panel in only a few minutes, and you don’t have to cut wires – just connect the app to the monitor and see where your energy use is going. You’ll be able to determine what appliances are using the most energy, how long they’re used and how often. Neurio even lets you compare how your house does compared to your neighbors’. By clearly seeing your energy use in easy-to-read graphs, you’ll know where to make your system and appliances more energy-efficient, saving you money and making your house more eco-friendly.

Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit

Picture of a solar recharging kit

Image: GoalZero.com

The Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit gives you the power you need to recharge your smartphone, digital camera and mobile device wherever you are. Don’t worry about inclement weather – this recharging kit has an IPX6 weatherproofing rating, which signifies extremely strong protection from water and moisture. You can even dunk it in water or use it in the rain with no problem. The 7800mAh battery will ensure your devices have juice when they need it. Use the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel to leverage the power of the sun and charge up the Venture 30 in only nine hours, or connect via USB to charge up in only four hours. The micro-USB tip is built in, so you don’t have to worry about tangled cords during the charging process.

iBamboo iPhone Speaker

picture of a bamboo speaker

Image: iBamboo iPhone Speaker

The iBamboo iPhone Speaker gives you robust stereo sound just using your iPhone. It’s a 12-inch-long piece of bamboo that’s been precision machine-cut and polished by hand. Just as they are in nature, no two pieces of bamboo are the same, so you get a unique sound and resonance from each individual bamboo speaker. Your iPhone fits in a slot at the top, allowing the device’s speakers to drive sound down the bamboo tubes on either sound, putting you in the middle of the music right in your own home.

Egloo Heater

picture of an igloo heater

Image: EglooInfo.it

How about a non-digital home gadget that can warm a room naturally for pennies? Egloo is a candle-powered heater that can make a room up to 10 degrees warmer. It’s a terracotta dome that houses small candles. Within 30 minutes of lighting the candles, the area around your Egloo is warm and toasty. Produced in Italy, Egloo started out as a crowd-funding project that turned out to be enormously successful. It works by leveraging the ability of terracotta to store heat and release it slowly over time. You only need five or six small tea candles to take advantage of the full warming power of Egloo.

WeMo Insight Switch

picture of an insight switch

Image: Belkin.com

The WeMo Insight Switch is a Smart Plug that taps into your WiFi network to wirelessly control your fans, lamps, heaters and more. To use it, stick the WeMo into an outlet and plug your device into the WeMo. You can open the free WeMo app to monitor your energy use and get real-time feedback about how much juice each device is using. With several WeMos spread throughout your home, you can compare how different appliances are using energy and adjust to save money.

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