Winter Home Selling Tips - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWinter is generally not thought of as the best time to sell your home. Nevertheless, as the calendar turns to fall, you will still need to move your home in the market.

While it’s true that the market tends to be slower in the winter (we published this blog post last year on how motivated buyers can find good deals), there are some things you can do to keep the heat turned up on your sales prospects even with a chill in the air.

Safety First: Shovel and Salt Liberally

This should be obvious, but it deserves mention here if only as a reminder. A slip and fall on the way into your open house will not only create a bad first impression, but could potentially result in a claim on your homeowners insurance policy.

Keep Temperatures Comfortable

The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) recommends keeping your home at a cozy, comfortable temperature. Although it can be tempting to turn the thermostat down a degree or two to save on heating bills, you want potential buyers to feel comfortable in your space.

Pay Special Attention to Lighting and Windows

Selling your house in the winter requires paying special attention to lighting. With the shorter days that winter brings, it’s important to maximize the amount of natural lighting coming in by opening shades and blinds.

It’s also super important to keep your windows clean and clear. It can be really easy with winter snowfall for things to start looking really nasty, really quickly.

Add Some Seasonal Touches

One of the easier things to do to make your house feel more like someone’s new home is to decorate seasonally. You shouldn’t leave Christmas lights up after January, although if your house is being shown at night in December, go ahead and turn them on. There are seasonal decorations you can use to let people know that this is your living space. This may help them start to imagine the home as their own. It can be something as simple as a small snowman figurine.

Along the same lines, NAR recommends baking cookies and making hot chocolate. It will create a pleasant aroma and make your house more inviting.

Winter-centric Destinations

If you have any winter hotspots (cool spots?) in your area, you can use that to your advantage and talk them up. An outdoor ice rink or a nearby ski slope could be a selling point for an active family.

Have a tip you think we’ve forgotten? Leave a note in the comments and help your fellow readers.

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