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With over 400 million active users, 40 billion photos and 3.5 billion likes a day, it’s no secret that Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps.

Let’s face it, people like photos, and they like carefully curated photos of their lives even more.

Just last weekend, while I was sitting at my favorite coffee shop, I saw a girl literally stand on a chair so she could get the perfect shot of her friend’s (not even her own) latte.

And we’re all guilty of it – maybe not the standing-on-a-chair part, but we take several selfies at different angles to pick just the right one, or 10 pictures of a cool building because we want the perfect Instagram shot.

If we’re going to go through all that work for Instagram, why leave those photos on our phone screens? Bring those creations to life with these six awesome products!

1. Marshmallows

6 Ways to Bring Your Instagram Account to Life - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: Boomf.com

Now this might not be something you’d buy just for yourself, but what a cool gift idea!

Boomf makes what they call jigsaws, little printed pictures on marshmallows, with your Instagram photos on them! For just $25, you get 9 marshmallows to design as you wish.

If you want to buy them for a special occasion, they have pre-made design themes you can choose from, including everything from birthday wishes and Valentine’s Day greetings to congratulations and thank you messages. Mix these in with your photos, and you’ve made a thoughtful and heartwarming gift that your friends and family will eat up!

2. Wooden Prints

6 Ways to Bring Your Instagram Account to Life - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: InkDot.com

If there’s a moment you’ve documented on your Instagram that you want to remember forever, or even just an artsy photo you wish you could put on your mantel, then InkDot is the perfect solution!

They have a wide array of products you can print your photos on, but one of the coolest is their wood prints.

They transfer your photo to a sheet of wood, which leaves them with a cool wood grain finish. You can get prints ranging from 6”x6” to 30”x40”.

3. Throw Pillows

6 Ways to Bring Your Instagram Account to Life - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: Stitchtagram.com

An Instagram throw pillow is great for you or for a gift.

Stitchtgram allows you to create collages, add text or print your favorite Instagram photo onto a throw pillow! They even make dog beds and ottomans covered with your Instagram images.

Throw pillows cost $58 (unless you catch them on sale around a holiday) and are 16”x16”.

How great would a collage pillow be as a going-away present or placed in a nursery? The possibilities are endless.

4. Calendar

6 Ways to Bring Your Instagram Account to Life - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: ArtifactUprising.com

Every year, my mom used to make a calendar. She’d flip through photo albums to find pictures relating to each month, pictures of people for their birthday months, her and my dad’s wedding picture for their anniversary month and a vacation picture during the month we’d take our family trip.

This is pretty much the same concept, but with your Instagram photos!

Artifact Uprising makes these cool calendars on wooden clipboards that are perfect for you home or office.

They run about $30, and with their sleek, modern design, your Instagram photos look great on them.

5. Magnets

6 Ways to Bring Your Instagram Account to Life - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: SocialPrintStudio.com

I’ve seen these at my friends’ houses before, and I always think they’re super fun.

Social Print Studios makes square magnets out of your Instagram photos. You can choose some of your artsier photos and use them like artwork in your kitchen or select images of your loved ones. You could even choose photos from different seasons and swap them out when the seasons change!

The magnets come in two sizes, a set of 10 2”x2” magnets for $14 or a set of six 3”x3” magnets for $15.

6. Cases

6 Ways to Bring Your Instagram Account to Life - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Image: Casetify.com

Since most of the time you’re taking Instagram pictures on your cell phone, why not decorate your phone case with those same images?

Casetify does just that, but they don’t stop at phone cases. They’ll put them on watchbands, tablet covers and even laptop sleeves, keeping your Instagram photos right at your fingertips.

Custom cases range between $30 and $70.

So how will you bring your Instagram library out of the digital realm and into the real world? Share your favorite Instagram-inspired products in the comment section!

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