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As of December 19, 2017, MyQL is now referred to as Rocket Mortgage.

As of June 25, 2018, we’ve made some changes to the way our mortgage approvals work. You can read more about our Power Buyer ProcessTM.

I speak from experience when I say that Quicken Loans makes mortgages easy. From the very first phone call with my Home Loan Expert to signing the last document at the closing table, there’s nothing about my mortgage experience that didn’t go well. And MyQL.com and the MyQL app played a big part in making my experience quick and painless. Here are five ways MyQL can improve your mortgage experience, too!

Upload Documents with Your Smartphone

Like all you busy readers, I lead a pretty busy life. When I was getting a mortgage, the last thing I wanted to do upon coming home from work was deal with more “work” – aka my mortgage documents. If you’re lazy like me, or if you’re just not a fan of doing more work than you have to, then you’ll find that having the ability to upload documents directly from your phone is just about the best thing ever.

The days of the fax machine and snail mail are long gone. Sure, if that’s your thing, you can still submit documents using those methods. However, when I was trying to juggle house hunting and getting a mortgage with taking care of a 3-year-old and making dinner, being able to simply photograph my documents and upload them via the MyQL app was a life saver!

Keep All Your Documents in One Place

I’m a total space case when it comes to paperwork. My bedroom desk (where I dump all my mail) is a nightmare. Just ask my husband. So when I realized that I wasn’t in charge of keeping track of my own paperwork, I was a pretty happy gal.

Wondering about your appraisal report? Want to review your numbers? Just sign in to MyQL.com, and it’s all there waiting for you! (You can even sign up to receive your 1098 tax statements on MyQL.com when tax season rolls around!)

Get in Touch

MyQL.com has a couple of easy ways for you to get in touch and get what you need. You can ask a question via MyQL to receive a quick reply. I loved this feature because it enabled me to get some questions answered by a purchase specialist, even when my own purchase specialist was out of the office for the day. Or, you can use the contact information listed on MyQL to call one of the helpful folks who are working on your loan!

View and Change Your Preapproval Letter (PAL)

Your PAL is kind of a big deal. When you make an offer on a house, your PAL shows the seller that you can afford the home. But you don’t necessarily want the seller to know that you can afford more than you’re offering.

Lucky for you, we’ve made adjusting your PAL easy with MyQL. You can change your PAL right on MyQL in just minutes. Cool, huh?

Stay Connected to Your Loan

Want to know your loan status? Wondering what your Home Loan Expert still needs from you? It’s all right there in MyQL. Get updated on your loan and keep things moving with your own personal to-do list. For someone as scatterbrained as me, the to-do list is EVERYTHING.

MyQL is the best way to speed up your mortgage process and close faster. Get in touch with a Home Loan Expert today to get your preapproval started!

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      We’re sorry you’ve had a poor experience. We are currently researching your situation. Someone will be reaching out.

      Kevin Graham

  1. Don’t now y ql is sending this you people don’t help me went I wanted tu refinance my house now you want to help me tell what half now that I didn’t half last time.

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