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Use Stained Glass at Home - Quicken Loans Zing BlogCustom stained glass has grown in popularity recently as homeowners in today’s cash-strapped economy explore inexpensive methods to add personality and personal touches to their homes.

Websites like Wallpaper For Windows provide easy do-it-yourself (DIY) glass treatments for decorative or privacy purposes for windows, doors and mirrors.

While the possibilities to incorporate these treatments in your home are practically limitless, here are five ways to effectively use custom stained glass in your home.

Themed Kitchen Backsplash

While the typical granite backsplash found in many suburban households surely adds a sense of completion to any kitchen, the high cost of granite may deplete your funds.

A glass kitchen backsplash, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t compromise functionality, as it still protects the wall behind your stove from hot grease spatters, food and smoke damage.

Although a standard glass opaque kitchen backsplash will add an elegant contemporary feel to your kitchen décor, you can easily add patterns, design themes, or even add your own initials to your custom kitchen backsplash to give it a personal touch.

Shower Doors

Accenting shower doors may be one of the easiest and least expensive DIY custom stained glass projects.

Whether you decide to work on the shower doors before or after they’re installed, the process is fairly simple. The adhesive-free window film treatments, sold on websites like Wallpaper for Windows, come with directions so you can add flavor to your shower doors in no time, with no cleanup or mess!

Custom Glass Dividers

If you want to create more room in a small space, or simply add an element of privacy to your work area, custom glass dividers may provide the perfect solution.

Whereas your initials or company name make a great design for a work-related divider, you can also opt for a pattern to compliment the theme of the room in which the divider will reside.

You can also flip the pattern to make clear designs out of an opaque glass to retain the privacy function of the divider.

In short, custom glass dividers provide an inexpensive personal touch to privacy.

Basement Windows and Privacy Blocks

The privacy blocks that double as basement windows along the bottom of your home not only add security and reduce heating and cooling costs, they can also be used as a canvas to add personality and protection.

By employing adhesive window treatments, you can block the view into your home from strangers and add further protection to your belongings in your basement.

Decorative Purposes

There’s a wide range of decorative purposes for custom stained glass.

While the mere mention of the artsy glass reminds many of the churches that employ it, custom stained glass is also used to add personal touches to a host of home products including:

Can you list any other places that custom stained glass can be utilized?

Leave a comment below and join the dialogue!


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