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Pool And Modern Home Exterior

I’m a big baseball fan and I also fantasize about living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, so when I heard that MLB superstar first baseman Miguel Cabrera was putting his house up for sale, I had to check it out.

I can’t afford that hefty price tag (unless I hit the Powerball lottery), but it gave me an idea. What are some of the super cool things that celebrities have that you can re-create and do so on a budget?

Movie Theater

The thing that really caught my eye about Cabrera’s house was the movie theater. It also struck me as something that you could easily replicate in the right room for around $2,000. It’s still an expense, but it’s not out of this world.

What do you really need to have a decent theater set up? I’m assuming you already have a recliner. Let’s call that a given.

All we really need is a projector and a screen. Most of the rest of the cost would be a kicking surround sound system.

Shop around for the best price, but it’s definitely attainable.


Celine Dion has a waterpark at her Jupiter Island, Florida house that includes water slides and a lazy river, in addition to three pools. The price tag for the house comes in at a staggering $72.5 million.

If you don’t have that sort of cash lying around you can still have fun with the kids with a waterslide feature for under $100. For just a little more, you can have multiple features added, including a simulated waterfall.


Going to the hair salon is definitely a time commitment. Christina Aguilera decided to at least cut out the drive. She went so far as to build a full service hair salon in her home.

That may or may not be in your budget, but you can have a hairstylist come into your home. If you’re in select cities across the nation, you can get a hairstylist coming to you with the tap of an app.

The downside to these apps is that they’re geographically limited. Still, if you’re one of the lucky few, you can get treated like a star.

Basketball Court

Many NBA players have basketball courts in their home in order to practice. How cool is that?

You could do wooden flooring, but it’s probably a bit easier to put down and maintain concrete.

Begin by measuring a 94×50 foot space (for a pro-style court), level the ground and pour the concrete. From there, you can find some instructions online to help you paint the court.

If you have some extra driveway space and don’t want to go through the effort of laying down a new surface you might consider painting a half court on that.

Fish Tank

Some celebrities have some pretty splashy fish tanks. There’s an entire TV show based around it.

This is one of those celebrity hobbies that’s in the realm of possibility for mere mortals like ourselves. Depending on the tank set up your looking for, you could probably spend $100 at the low end and $1,200 to set up a tank as a fish enthusiast. It really depends on the size of your tank and the complexity of your setup. There are a few things you need to consider before getting your tank. They all come down to the environment for your fish:

  • How big will your tank be? The amount of water and surface area will affect the oxygen levels in the tank. The oxygen will help determine the amount and type of fish you can have.
  • Will the tank’s environment be freshwater or saltwater? Some fish only survive in one or the other.
  • Pay attention to the temperature and pH of your water.
  • The water does have to be changed periodically, so it’s something to be prepared for.
  • Make sure your fish are going to get along. The store will be able to tell you which breeds are aggressive.

For more info on all the things under the sea, check out this post on setting up your own home fish tank.

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