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Thanksgiving decorations

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There’s a certain excitement that starts to bubble up in the bellies of friends and family as Thanksgiving approaches.

The inner host or hostess in all of us starts to emerge in anticipation of out-of-town relatives. We peep our eyes into our mailbox or Facebook event invitations in expectation of annual family get-together announcements.

However, if you’re hosting large family gatherings, or only your Aunt Ida from Idaho, there’s a certain amount of pressure that settles on your shoulders to set the scene for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

But it can be an awkward holiday to decorate for. Nestled between the horror of Halloween and the bright twinkling lights associated with the holiday season, how do you incorporate Thanksgiving décor into your home without using cheesy pilgrim and pumpkin motifs?

We’ve got you covered with five subtle ways to incorporate thanksgiving decorations into your home while still making your space as cozy and warm as the season itself.

Keep It Simple

The key to decorating for Thanksgiving, or any holiday, is being festive while still maintaining an air of subtly. After all, you don’t want to drown your friends and family in a pile of leaves and pumpkins.

That’s why I love these fabric turkeys! They’re cute, quirky and just big enough to make a statement, without creating an overwhelming or tacky décor scheme.

Fabric turkey decorations

Image: Target.com

Speaking of simple, ditch the old wreath and opt for festive Thanksgiving garland instead. I love this simple string of acorns – It’s the perfect seasonal statement piece for your fireplace mantle or any bare wall banner.

Acorn garland

Image: Target.com

Function Over Form

If you’re looking for an even more casual approach to decorating, and you’re planning on hosting family or friends for the big meal, try adding personal touches to items that that also serve a purpose in your home.

Take this gilded log holder from Anthropologie.com. Keep your guests warm by keeping a fresh stock of logs by the fire, nestled in this stylish holder. Even if you have a gas fireplace, or anything other than a wood-burning feature, you can still place this piece by the fire for the sake of decoration, secretly adding an element of comfort to your living room.

Log holder

Image: Anthropologie.com

Add to the useful and tasteful items in your space by spreading out these decorative leaf cork coasters, found on Target.com. They’re a fun and functional way to tie in your Thanksgiving theme while still being a practical item in your home.

Decorative cork coasters

Image: Target.com

Use Warm Colors

Some holidays have cliché color schemes that find their way into the decorations of every home. Between the stark contrast of orange and black on Halloween and the joyous combination of red and green on during the Christmas season, Thanksgiving is a holiday where you can really incorporate any color you like.

Make your home cozy by incorporating warm colors, like reds, browns and neutrals. I love these pillows, as they emanate comfort and coziness.

Throw pillow

Image: Target.com

Decorative pillow

Image: Target.com

Add Some Shine

Time to ceremoniously toss out your carved pumpkins from Halloween and make way for more sophisticated fall decorations. If your style is all things glitz and glam, try incorporating warm metals into your Thanksgiving décor.

This gold pumpkin figure  is a modern spin on a timeless fall decoration. Place it on your mantel, bookshelf or end table to give your party a warm glow and new life.

Decorative gold pumpkin figure

Image: Target.com

If you’re burned out on pumpkins from the Halloween season, use these brass botanical decorations for a shiny statement piece on your side table.

Brass botanical decorative leaves

Image: Anthropologie.com

Set the Table

The true centerpiece of this holiday gathering is the dinner table. Here, you will share conversations, memories and likely, a delicious turkey dinner.

Before you gobble up your meal, make sure your table is set to perfection. Once again, less is more when it comes to holiday decorating, so try picking a few key statement pieces for your table decorations.

Going back to the concept of warm colors, consider using a table runner to pull in your dinner table design. I like this one from Target.com because the grey plaid design is nostalgic and timeless and the pop of red can perfectly tie in with any of your other fall décor.

Plaid table runner

Image: Target.com

Take your hosting skills to the next level with this festive “thankful” porcelain serving platter. The metallic gold provides a shiny centerpiece for your dinner table, adding some style to your stuffing.

Serving platter

Image: Target.com

Hopefully this next table decoration isn’t too a-corny (get it)? Add a little bit of sparkle and shine to your salt and pepper by using these gold acorn shakers.

Acorn salt and pepper shakers

Image: Target.com

If you’re hosting a large gathering, try using these gold pumpkin place card holders. Not only are they fabulous and festive, they’ll make your family and friends feel welcomed. It’s also a good ice breaker for any new faces at the dinner table.

Gold place card holders

Image: Target.com

Make sure you’re prepared for Thanksgiving this year with decorations that will dazzle, rather than distract, your friends and family. Try incorporating these tips into your next holiday gathering or any Thanksgiving tradition that your friends and family partake in.

How do you decorate for Thanksgiving in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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