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Put down the scissors and newspaper. Clipping coupons is a thing of the past!

In today’s age of technology, most coupons are at your fingertips on your laptop or smartphone. With these sites and apps, you can easily find all the hidden deals in one place. These tools will make for a less guilty online shopping spree that your bank account will love.


Instead of searching Google for different coupons, hoping that one will work, effortlessly add coupons with the free Google Chrome extension, Honey.

This great assistant to any online shopping is easy to use. Add the Honey icon to the upper-right hand corner of the web page. The downloaded extension will place the golden Honey icon on every web page, next to the URL bar.

As you are going through the checkout process at your favorite online store, click on the Honey logo before you finalize your order. This activates the program to search the web for any coupons that are applicable to your purchase and, within seconds, applies them to your order – saving you time and money.


You’ve probably heard of Groupon. It’s one of the most common places to find deals on goods, getaways and meals, but a more unknown feature of Groupon is their coupons tab.

Groupon teamed with hundreds of different businesses in the retail, technology and travel industries to give their customers an easy way to find active coupons all listed in one spot. Users can find featured coupons and search by store or category.


At check-out time, don’t miss the opportunity to receive extra discounts; use RetailMeNot to find last-minute savings and coupons. Unlike Honey, this tool can be used on both your phone and desktop. You can search by store, brand or restaurant to find the coupons that will benefit you during your shopping experience.

A nice feature of this site is that you can see the last time each coupon was used as well as its success rate. RetailMeNot monitors the coupons to update codes and deals, with new and more efficient coupons.

The trending deals of the day are at the top of the homepage. An added bonus of RetailMeNot is their discounted prices on e-gift cards to some of your favorite retailers.


If coupons are not available, rebates are the next best option. Ibotta has both.

The Ibotta rebate app is easy to use. It lets you search by store or item for different products that receive rebates. It includes specific products as well as generic items, such as any brand of bananas or eggs.

Once you’ve visited one of the supported stores in person, take a picture of your receipt or scan the barcode using the app. Within 24 hours of submission, you’ll receive the rebates you’ve earned in the app, which can be easily withdrawn in increments of $20.

Earn extra cash and rewards by inviting friends and completing tasks. Earn coupons for reaching certain goals based around how many receipts you scanned. For example, if you ride with Uber through the Ibotta app five times within a month, you’ll receive a $5 Uber coupon good toward a future ride. The rebates and coupons might be small, but they’ll add up quickly.


Shop guilt-free with Shopkick. It’s not a coupon site, but it’s a helpful app where you earn points for walking into stores, watching short ads, scanning products and making purchases with a connected debit or credit card.

In exchange for 2,500 points, you receive a $10 gift card to retailers such as Target, Starbucks and Nike. These points are easy to collect with Shopkick, giving you an average of 50 points for walking into a store. And while you’re in the store, using the app to scan barcodes of products that are highlighted in the app are worth between 5 to 50 points each. After you’re done shopping, scan receipts for items you purchased that were featured in the app to gain even more points!

As an extra bonus, watch short ads to rack up points. This helpful app will take you from window-shopping to clothes shopping in no time.

Next time you are flexing that wallet, search these user-friendly sites and apps to find extra discounts and earn extra rewards. Try out these money-saving tools during your next shopping trip, and check out more ways to save money. Please comment below with your experiences with the sites mentioned and let your fellow readers know of any other sites you turn to for discounts.

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