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Fall home decor

Walking into a home décor store when the seasons are changing can be daunting!

You fall in love with everything as you walk through aisle after aisle of fantastic fall pieces. But, you quickly realize you can’t buy every velvet pumpkin or leaf-covered frame, and you certainly can’t buy that tree stump turned coffee table they’re using to display those gilded gourds (even though it’s really cool).

So where does that leave you? How can you make your home feel like a cozy fall paradise? Here are five home décor swaps make your home festive this fall!

Pillow Party

One of the easiest swaps to make are your throw pillows. They’re pretty inexpensive and you can find some festive ones in nearly every department and home goods store.

Look for colors that are reminiscent of the warmer tones of the season. Go for the burnt oranges, deep reds and golden yellows. If you’re more of a neutral person, choose earthy colors like browns and tans.

Knit pillows are popular for fall. They add a warm and cozy feel to any room. Who doesn’t want to cuddle up next to a pillow that’s as soft as their favorite sweater? They’ll also transition perfectly into the winter months.

Throw It

An equally easy swap is a throw blanket. They’re not expensive and who can ever have enough blankets?

Similar to the throw pillows, whether you’re using bold colors or neutrals, stick with warmer tones.

A flannel blanket is great for fall! The pattern is reminiscent of the season and it’s super warm! And while they’re cozy, they also serve a dual purpose: You can use a flannel throw blanket as a table cloth for a fall feast!

Faux fur blankets are really popular right now too. Last year, my friend bought me one for Christmas, and I’ve never loved a blanket as much as I love that one. They’re heavy, warm and very comfy.

Light a Flame

Candles make everything feel a little cozier, right?

These DIY birch wood candleholders are perfect for fall and are an easy swap with the candles you currently have. You can buy unscented tea light candles to fill the holders or find some fall scents. How awesome would a pumpkin spice candle be inside of these rustic candleholders?

If you’re not a fan of the wood, or if your candles are too big for the birch wood holders, try using lanterns as a unique fall décor piece.

Pumpkin Patch

I love using a centerpiece to add some seasonal flair. Whether your centerpieces are bold or subtle, you can swap them for something with a fall feel. My favorite centerpiece for the season is a pumpkin vase.

These are pretty simple to make and inexpensive. All you need is a hollow, fake pumpkin (which you can find at any craft or big box store) and flowers. I suggest using fake flowers, but if you like having fresh flowers around your home, get a vase shorter than your pumpkin.

Just cut the top off of your pumpkin like you do with a jack-o-lantern, except this time there are not guts to clean out. If you’re using fake flowers, arrange them to your liking, using the pumpkin as your vase. If you decided to go with fresh flowers, arrange them in your vase before placing it inside the pumpkin.

Mantel Madness

If you have a mantel (or even a shelf or bookcase) in your house that you keep decorated, that’s another easy place to make a swap and bring a fall feel to your home décor.

Try adding picture frames made of organic materials, like wood, or with a warm metallic finish, like gold or copper. If you have any pictures of your friends and family doing fall activities, like playing in the leaves, picking apples or carving pumpkin, you can fill your frames with those to carry the fall theme a little further.

Another festive touch is signage, like in the picture above. Use a chalkboard to draw a cute fall scene or pick up a great fall print at a home décor store. Use it as a statement piece to draw attention to your mantel.

Fill in any empty space with classic fall details, like leaves, branches, apples and gourds. Using candles and warm lights can also give your mantle a cozy glow.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on fall décor. With just one or two of these swaps, your home will be a snug autumn retreat. How do you decorate for fall? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. I had a stroke the day after my 42cd birthday, July 23,2017 so decorating my home had to be put on back burner specially with my newest heath issues seizures ,plus my husband lost his job after 14 years back in Apirl! Yes, he’s back to work! My babies room (5yrs old )is the last one to be done ! Finance got in the way! So this would be the best thing that could happen to us this year! So I am keeping my fingers and toes cross, saying a pray right now that we win! We sure could use the extra money to get caught up on our mortgage but God has a plan for us and if this is his plan for it to go to someone else then that’s his plan , God got his reason l!

    I.G.I.T ( In God I trust )

    1. Hi Melissa:

      I definitely sympathize with your situation. I’m going to send you an email. If you’re a client, we may be able to help you with your current mortgage difficulty. I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else who enters the contest though: Enter every day and my fingers are crossed for you! You really do never know.

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Gabina:

      The winner is picked at random, but I’ll do what I do for everybody: cross my fingers and wish you luck! I do love the pumpkin emoji! Have a wonderful day!

      Kevin Graham

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