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There are many opportunities for single moms to get grants for their businesses. A grant is similar to a scholarship: It’s not a loan, and there is no need to repay it. So, grants are definitely helpful when it comes to your business!

Whether you want to start a brand-new business or you’ve owned a business for years, a grant can help you get the capital you need to help move your business forward.

You can use business grants in a variety of ways. Large grants are wonderful because you can use them to rent office space, hire team members or pay for advertising campaigns. However, small grants are helpful, too, because you can use them to buy such things as a computer, a camera or Facebook ads.

Below are examples of five grants that help women business owners. I actually applied for the first one myself!

The WomensNet Amber Grant

WomensNet, an organization that helps female business owners get their start, offers a grant every month called The Amber Grant. The grants are $500. You can use the grant for a variety of things in your business. It’s helpful to know exactly why you want the grant and how you will use it because they ask you to explain this on the application form.

At the end of the year, one of the 12 monthly winners can win an additional $2,500 grant. The application process is simple. (Please keep in mind there is a $7 application fee.)

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Grant

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you’re eligible to apply for the AAUW career development grant. This is perfect for women who want to change jobs, start a business or re-enter the workforce after stepping away for a while.

This grant is to be used to pay for education. You can use it to pay for course work or specialized training. For example, if you have a business and you want to go back to school to learn how to code, you can use this grant to take coding classes. If you want to go to business school, you can use this grant for that, too. You can even use the funds to pay for dependent care, which is amazing for moms out there!

The Eileen Fischer Women Owned Business Grant

Eileen Fischer is an entrepreneur who started her fashion brand with only $350 in the bank. For more than 30 years, her company has created beautiful clothes and accessories for women. As a way of giving back, Eileen Fischer offers several grants. One category of grants goes to women-owned businesses.

These grants are not for businesses that are just starting out. They’re for women who have been in business for at least three years. They award a total of $100,000 in grants for up to 10 women.

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards can go to female business owners who operate in any country in the world. They are specifically looking for early-stage female entrepreneurs.

The initiative will review all applications and select 18 finalists. Six who are selected as laureates will get $100,000 in prize money along with extensive business coaching. The other 12 finalists will earn $30,000 in prize money.

The best part about this program, in my opinion, is connecting with other female entrepreneurs from all around the world. It’s an incredible way to create a global community of like-minded women who want to make the world a better place.

The FedEx Small Business Grant Program

While the FedEx grant program isn’t exclusively for women, they have provided numerous grants to women-owned businesses over the past five years. According to their page, “FedEx has awarded more than $375,000 in grants since 2013 to passionate entrepreneurs around the nation.” Keep checking their contest page for more information and requirements about the upcoming grant cycle.

There are numerous ways women can apply for small-business grants to start their dream careers or grow businesses they’ve already established. There are many organizations that are committed to helping women grow their businesses so they can make an impact on the world. It always pays to do your research to find other opportunities in your local area as well.

What challenges have you faced in your search for grant money? Let us know in the comments below so we can get the conversation going among other women entrepreneurs!

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