Gardening Apps - Quicken Loans Zing BlogSmartphones are extremely helpful tools, largely because of the huge catalog of applications available. You can download an app to assist you in just about every aspect of life, including gardening. Whether you’re new to gardening and need guidance, or you have a green thumb but want a tool to help catalog and keep tracks of your plants, there are wonderfully useful apps out there for you! We’ve searched and found the most helpful app for each of these aspects of gardening: planning, shopping, managing and treatment.


Garden Time Planner by Burpee

Compatibility: All Apple and Android products

Cost: Free

Features: Garden Time is an important planning tool because it allows you to search a database of plants and learn about when you should sow, transplant and expect to harvest a plant in your specific climate. Once you select plants, it’ll catalog them into a list of dates to sow, transplant and harvest them. The app has a lot of useful information and even includes gardening how-to videos.

Garden Tracker-Bumper Crop

Compatibility: iPad’s iOS 5.0 or later

Cost: $3.99

Features: Perfect for experienced gardeners, Garden Tracker lets you plan your garden specific to the size and shape you want with a swipe of your fingers. It includes the ideal light, temperature, soil depth and water needs for vegetables, herbs and flowers and lets you log notes and updates about the progress of your existing garden.


Garden Compass Plant Identifier by Team SOA Inc.

Compatibility: All Apple products with iOS 5.0 or later
Cost: Free
Features: The Garden Compass app is extremely effective in giving you quick information about a plant you’re interesting in purchasing. If you’re out shopping for plants and one is unidentified, or you happen to walk by some unidentified flowers you like, you can upload a picture of the plant in the app to find out exactly what it is.


Garden Pro

Compatibility: All Apple products
Cost: $4.99
Features: Garden Pro gives you the power to completely manage your garden. It offers a to-do list with notifications on when to water, fertilize and treat the plants you’ve selected for your garden. In addition, you have a personal journal of images and notes about your plants to refer back to. You can also reference up to 7,000 plants in the app’s search engine to learn about plants’ requirements in relation to your existing garden.


Garden Bugs by CleverMatrix Ltd

Compatibility: Universal for all Apple and Android products
Cost: $0.99
Features:  With the simple and fast usability of this app, you can determine how to spot and treat all of the most common pests in your garden. In addition, Garden Bugs allows you to buy treatment for pests within the app if you choose.

Do you plan on trying any of these apps out? Let us know about your experience with them in the comments below!


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