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hands-holding-credit-cardsBad credit may seem impossible to bounce back from, but with the right tools and a clear financial plan, it’s easier than you think. If you want to buy a home or get approved for a credit card, Quizzle offers powerful credit tools that help you get your credit score on the right track. You can also start building your credit up by applying for one of these credit cards designed to help you meet your financial goals.

Secured MasterCard® from Capital One®

Annual Fee: $29

Built for those looking to rebuild their credit, the Secured MasterCard® from Capital One® promotes responsible usage while providing 100% free unlimited access to your credit score. The card does require a refundable security deposit of $49, $99 or $200 depending on your credit score at the time of application. Credit lines range from $200–$3,000 with a 22.9% variable APR.

Total VISA® Credit Card

Annual Fee: $75 for the first year, $48 after

The Total VISA® Credit Card offers a VISA®-branded card to those with a credit score of 619 or lower. The application process for this card is hassle free, and you’ll find out instantly whether or not you’re approved. No security deposit is needed, but you’ll have to pay a processing fee to access your initial credit limit of $300, and you’ll be subject to a 29.99% APR.

First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard® Secured Credit Card

Annual Fee: $39

If you have bad credit, or if you’re building your credit from scratch, then the First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard® Secured Credit Card may be the card for you. No credit history or minimum credit score is required for approval, and you can rebuild or establish credit with monthly reporting to all three major credit bureaus. Your credit line is secured by a fully refundable deposit of $300–$2,000, which you’ll get back when you pay off your balance.

Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards

Annual Fee: $35–$99

This card is a good option for those with a slightly higher credit range of 620–659, and it offers a number of benefits. You’ll earn unlimited 1% cash back gas rewards, and your credit line will increase with automatic reviews. You’ll also receive email or text alerts to remind you when your payment is due to help keep you on track to building up your credit.

UNITY® Visa Secured Credit Card – The Comeback Card™

Annual Fee: $39

If you’re looking for a card with a lower APR, then the 17.99% fixed rate this card offers might work for you. In addition to the lower APR, The Comeback Card™ offers users access to its “How to Rebuild Credit” program to help them get their credit back on track. You can qualify with limited or bad credit, and you’ll enjoy an introductory APR of 9.95% for the first six months.

The right credit card can make establishing or rebuilding your credit easier. Choose the credit card that best supports your situation and offers you the tools to fit your financial needs.

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