A few years ago, I went to Uganda to do some volunteer work. There was an orphanage near the house I was staying in, and on the weekends I would go over there with some of the other volunteers and spend some time with the kids. One of their favorite things to do was draw pictures, which they’d give to me.

Years later, I still have about a hundred drawings sitting in a folder in my closet. I’ll pull them out from time to time and reminisce, but it got me thinking – what if I wanted to make these more of a focal point in my house?

Are there creative ways to use children’s art to decorate your house without it looking messy? Yes!

We’ve pulled together five creative ways to transform your children’s art into eye-catching décor pieces for your home.

Hang It

Gallery Wall of Kids Art

Source: TheBlueHouseChronicles.Blogspot.com


Gallery walls have been a trend in home décor for a few years! Whether you keep your walls sleek and minimal or bright and eclectic, there’s a gallery wall for you. They allow you to mix and match different pieces of art and décor to create a focus in a room or hallway. It’s the perfect way to showcase your children’s art.

Start by selecting the best or most important pieces of your children’s art. Mix those in with other photos, art or wall décor pieces you have. This keeps your gallery wall looking put-together and modern, while still showing off your children’s creations.

Kids Art Clothespin Display

Source: TonyaStaab.com


If gallery walls aren’t your style, try a clothespin art display. Screw two C-hooks into your wall a few feet apart from each other. Cut a piece of rope, twine or string to fit between the C-hooks, and tie either end to the hooks. Now, you can hang artwork on the string by attaching it with clothespins or paper clips.

This is a simple and cute way to show off your child’s creativity, and keep it rotating. As they create new works of art, it’s easy to remove an old piece and replace it with the new masterpiece. This works especially well in children’s bedrooms or above their desks.

Get It Published

Kids Art Book

Source: Blogs.Babble.com


Every work of art has a story. Maybe your child drew a pictures of a family vacation, or they’ve been learning new art skills at school. Whatever the story, you can tell in a book!

Shutterfly’s Mini Masterpieces photobook makes publishing your children’s art quick and easy! You can even add in photos and more information about your kids and their style. The photobook comes with over 20 pages of ideas, all with predesigned layouts and areas for you to write a little bit about the section. Shutterfly gives you the ability to keep the pages the way they are, or customize them to your liking.

Not sure what this would look like? Take a peek at the Mini Masterpiece Paislee Press made on her blog.

What a cute art collection! How great would a book like this be as a coffee table book?

Blow It Up

Kids Art Enlarged

Source: SimplyCreateKids.com


Need a poster for the end of that long hallway? Or maybe to hang up in your children’s room? Turn your child’s artwork into a poster, paying tribute to their greatest masterpieces!

Simply Create Kids does just that! Their small poster is 11 x 14 and fits up to nine pieces of art. That’s right, nine creations in one.

All you have to do is send in your child’s artwork you want included (you can scan it or just snap a photo) and they’ll take care of the hard part. You can even title it whatever you want to make it even more tailored to your child and your home.

Transfer It to a Canvas

Kids Art Canvas

Source: ArtfulParent.com/


If you’re looking for a way to really showcase your child’s art and make it a focal point, there’s not better way to let it shine than by transferring it to canvas!

Jean Van’T Hul, from The Artful Parent reviewed the canvas she had made from MyPix2Canvas on her blog. By transferring the print to a larger canvas, she was really able to spotlight her daughter’s painting and dress up her wall, all at the same time.

If you don’t want to do one larger canvas, try selecting a few paintings with similar color schemes and printing them on smaller canvases. You can hang them on a wall in a cluster to make a gallery.

Transfer It to a Tea Towel

Kids Art Tea Towels

Source: SettingForFour.com


There are a lot of options for your walls, but what if you wanted something a little more useful? Why not transfer your child’s art to a tea towel?

Use this helpful tutorial from Setting for Four to create a functional piece of art for your home!

All you need is a white, natural fabric towel, a fine-tipped permanent marker, your child’s artwork and some painter’s tape. Place the art on the table and secure it with painters tape so it doesn’t shift, lay the towel over it and trace. That’s it! Seriously, it’s that easy.

Do you have another creative idea for using children’s art as décor in your home? We want to hear it! Tell us in our comment section below.

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