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Michigan sometimes gets a bad rap for its unpredictable weather. I was born and raised in the metro Detroit area and I can attest to its unpredictability. Spring is especially rough; it can be 65 degrees and sunny one day, and 20 degrees and snowing the next. But despite the crazy weather turns we experience when seasons change, Michigan is fairly temperate. According to the NOAA National Data Centers, Detroit is sunny 53% of the time.

I never really thought about the other 47% of the time when we didn’t have sun. It seemed pretty normal to me. Then a work opportunity took me to Grand Junction, CO for a few months. Grand Junction is sunny 71% of the time. I lived there for two months before I experienced any sort of rain. It was lovely! And it made me realize, this idea of living in a generally sunny area is pretty appealing.

I have since moved back to Detroit and while I love living here, I miss waking up assuming it’s going to be a nice, sunny day. So, I looked for the top five cities that would make for plenty of fun, sun filled days.

Check out these sunny cities and perhaps find your next home or vacation spot!

Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix is one of the fastest growing cities in America and it’s also one of the sunniest! The southwest city boasts an 85% sunshine rate and 211 clear days. That’s 211 days a year when the clouds cover one-third or less of the sky.

If you’re thinking about making Arizona your new home so you can bask in its sunshine filled days, here are a few facts you may want to know:

  • 93% of the people who live there say it’s a good place to live
  • Phoenix is the United States’ sixth largest city, with 1.4 million residents
  • The greater Phoenix area has over 200 golf courses
  • Phoenix has franchises in all four major professional sports leagues (football, baseball, hockey and basketball)
  • According to Zillow, the average home value in Phoenix is $175,000

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! Vegas is known for its lights, entertainment and jackpots, but it’s also an incredibly sunny town! Like Phoenix, Las Vegas is sunny 85% percent of the time and has 210 clear sky days.

You may have been to Las Vegas, but you might not know these interesting facts:

  • 619,419 people live in the Las Vegas city limits and 2,102,238 in Clark County
  • There are 227,181 households in Las Vegas and 243,865 housing units
  • Las Vegas has over 300 parks, 14 golf courses and 12 public swimming pools
  • Las Vegas has 66 elementary schools, 16 middle schools, and 9 high schools
  • The majority of the Las Vegas strip is in Clark County, not Las Vegas itself
  • According to Zillow, the average home value in Las Vegas is $181,400.

Sacramento, California


Sacramento, California, the city of trees – and sunshine! Sacramento is known for its lush green trees, but its 188 days of clear skies are nothing to scoff at. The city is sunny 78% of the time – good thing there are so many trees for shade!

Want to know a little more about California’s capital city? Take a look at these facts:

  • Sacramento is second to Paris, France in number of trees per capita in the world
  • To avoid flooding, the city has an extensive network of tunnels built underneath its foundation
  • 470,000 people call Sacramento home and 1.9 million live in the surrounding areas
  • Sacramento is home over 30 museums and theaters.
  • According to Zillow, the average home value in Sacramento is $260,800

Miami, Florida


Miami’s sun and beaches have made it a hot spot for vacationers and a home for many. They may only have 74 days of completely clear skies, but their sunny, subtropical climate stays year round. The city is sunny 70% of the time, making it a top destination spot all year.

Whether you’re traveling there or moving to the area, check out these fast facts:

  • Miami and Dade County have a population of 2.64 million people
  • Miami has more than 800 parks
  • The city is home to Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park
  • Miami also has franchises in each of the four major professional sports leagues (soon to be five, with the addition of a Major League Soccer team)
  • Miami has the largest concentration of boutique hotels in the world
  • According to Zillow, the average home value in Miami is $279,000

Denver, Colorado


Denver is the mile-high city. Sitting a mile above sea level, this city is also known for its beautiful weather! Even in the winter when streets are covered in snow, you can expect a beautiful sunshiny day. Denver has 115 clear sky days a year and is sunny 69% of the time.

Want to know a little more about the mile high city? Read these interesting facts:

  • Denver only has 115 days of clear blue skies, but it has 300 days of sunshine
  • Denver brews more beer than any other city, an average of 80 different beers a day
  • The city has the largest city park system in America
  • The 13th step of the west side of the state capitol building is exactly one mile above sea level
  • According to Zillow, the average home value in Denver is $302,600

Do you have another favorite sunny city in America? What do you love about it? Tell us in the comment section below!


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