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Women working in IT

At Quicken Loans, the women who work in technology are transforming the industry together. From having an amazing community behind you to being respected and awarded, there are many benefits of being a woman in technology.

We spoke with Hilary Weaver-Robb, a Software Quality Architect (SQA), who’s been with Quicken Loans for four and a half years, to prove the importance and impact women have in the technology industry.

Amazing Community

According to Weaver-Robb, there’s an amazing community of women in IT at the Quicken Loans Family of Companies, and in Detroit in general.

“I work with some incredibly smart and talented women and feel lucky to have such an awesome community here,” says Weaver-Robb. “By community I mean everyone is welcoming, encouraging and willing to help or mentor.”

Weaver-Robb mentions a group called Women Rising that was started by a former Detroit Labs team member. The group is all about getting women together to network and mentor one another.

Respected Wholeheartedly

No matter what team she’s on, Weaver-Robb knows that her voice will be just as respected as anyone else’s. And, that her technical skills are just as valuable as anyone else’s.

“The Quicken Loans culture fully supports diversity on our team,” says Weaver-Robb. “I’ve worked in other places where it’s not the case, so it’s very refreshing here. Sometimes it feels like we’re in a bubble here with our culture!”

She believes that her CIO is an incredible woman who is well respected throughout the company and the industry. Not only is her CIO a great role model, but other women leaders in the industry are as well.

“We also have a wonderful group of women leaders that are approachable and great role models,” says Weaver-Robb.

Career Growth

Weaver-Robb makes another great point about the culture and available career growth at Quicken Loans – you can pave your own career path here.

“You can move from Engineer to Architect to Leader if you want, or you can just stay hands-on technical,” says Weaver-Robb. “Everyone is valued for what they bring, not what they look like.”

Here, you can be your true yourself and your career goals.

Professional and Personal Growth Opportunities

Along with having an amazing community, being respected and able to pave the way for your career growth, the professional and personal growth opportunities are endless as well.

“I can go to conferences, take online trainings, teach classes, volunteer to help kids learn to code,” says Weaver-Robb. “I can innovate and build cool new stuff during Bullet Time (also known as Innovation Time).”

Team members have also started a podcast named “Women on IT.” The podcast sheds light on the challenges women face in IT and interviews lots of awesome individuals in the field.

“We have our internal tech conference every year, with a wide variety of speakers – we can submit to speak as well, if we want to grow our skills that way,” says Weaver-Robb.

Along with those opportunities, she and her team also participate in the Michigan Council of Women in Technology (MCWT) events. The MCWT inspires young women to achieve great things in technology.

Below are photos of Weaver-Robb and her fellow team members from the Orange Carpet Gala fundraising event last year. The MCWT’s annual gala is a networking event that celebrates its contributors, presents awards and scholarships.

The Quicken Loans Orange Carpet Gala

The Quicken Loans Orange Carpet Gala

The Gala is MCWT’s largest fundraiser of the year, with all proceeds benefitting programs that help grow women in technology.

Rewarded for Achievements

Weaver-Robb expresses that she and her peers at Quicken Loans are well rewarded for their achievements – from bonuses, Rock Rewards, Gilbert Awards (company-wide awards), trips and tickets to games and various shows.

“I’ve never felt so appreciated as I do here,” says Weaver-Robb. She even won a company-wide award for her efforts on the Technology team: “I won a Gilbie Award last year and it was an amazing experience!”

Are you interested in a career in technology? Or joining another team that has the same diverse and dynamic work environment that embraces flexibility, creativity and opportunity? If so, check out our open positions at QLCareers.com.

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