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Whether we like it or not, the internet plays a big part in our lives – everything from communication, to work, to research, to entertainment. And the price for staying plugged in is high. Americans are paying an average of $50 a month on their internet connections, which can add up in a year. But lucky for you, there are some practical and easy ways to cut your internet bill every month. Check out these tips for slashing your bills and stuffing your wallet.

Buy Your Modem and Router

In many cases, it can make sense to buy a modem and router instead of renting one from your internet provider every month. When it comes to renting, you’re usually paying $10 to $15 a month for your modem and router. Over a year, that comes out to $120 to $180.

If you choose to buy a modem and router – or a modem-router combo – it could cost you under $100. And once you’ve bought this, you’re set for years to come. You’ll instantly save an additional $10 to $15 every single month. That savings adds up.

One thing to note – some providers would offer you technical support if you’re using your own modem and router. You should call your service provider and ask about their support for personal modems and routers.

Negotiate Your Bill

While it may seem strange, most bills – including your phone and internet bills – can be negotiated for a lower price. And you don’t have to be a smooth talker to get a deal!

Billshark is a company that specializes in negotiating your bills for you. Yes, you read that correctly. They have a trained staff that can find you better deals on a wide variety of bills.

Billshark, founded by Steven McKean, discovered that the cable, internet and satellite wireless industries were overcharging us by $50 billion. That’s a lot of money that should be back in the pockets of the American people. Billshark has made it their mission to get it back to you.

Does it Work?

Billshark is able to save their clients money 85% of the time. The average amount saved is $500 – $600 each year. Think of what you could do with that extra money in your pocket every year? That money could go towards your children’s education, a down payment on a house or maybe a dream vacation for you and your family. The point is that there is money on the table and people who can help you get it back. Billshark’s fees only apply to the savings you make. If they can’t help you, you don’t have to pay them anything.

Use Your Phone!

Most smartphones can now act as a wifi hotspot, which can provide internet access to devices like laptops and tablets. If you go this route, you could actually stop paying for home internet entirely and instead just use your phone.

If you’re planning on getting rid of your home internet, it may make sense to have an unlimited plan, many of which now offer 10 gigabytes (GB) of high-speed mobile hotspot data each month.

If you’re paying $50 a month on your home internet connection, that comes out to $600 every year. By cutting out your internet entirely, you put that money towards something else.

But before you pull the plug of your modem, make sure your phone (and phone plan) is up to the challenge. If you and your family are constantly streaming videos, for instance, that 10 GB is going to be used up pretty quickly.

Getting Started

There are few things more frustrating than paying too much. We work hard for our money, and we want to make sure we’re getting the biggest bang for our buck. When it comes to your internet service, these four easy tips can save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

Were you able to save money on your internet bill? If so, please share your comments below.

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