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Senior father with his two older sons

Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, now’s the time to get the perfect gift for dear ol’ Dad. We’ve found a wide variety of gifts, from gadgets to grills, to make this Father’s Day one he’ll remember.

And since we all have different budgets, each dad category – or “dad-egory” – is divided into three helpful price points:

  • Frugal Finds – gifts from $1 to $50
  • Affordable Fun – gifts from $51 to $99
  • Pricier Purchases – gifts from $100 and up

Time is running out! Make sure you get your Father’s Day gift before it’s too late.

A Dad of Distinguished Tastes

If your dad enjoys wearing a robe while reading one of his (many) leather-bound books, he’s likely a man of distinguished tastes. Here are some gift ideas for those with an appetite for the finer things.

Frugal Finds

A gift of a great shave, thank to the Men’s Shaving Kit with Free Razor Case.

Price $31.48

Men's shaving kit with razor case

Image: ShaveJunkie.com

No one likes a dad with a dull beard. Help him keep it hydrated with this Moisturizing Beard Wash from Scotch Porter.

Price: $20.00 (or subscribe and save 5%)

Moisturizing beard wash

Image: ScotchPorter.com

Affordable Fun

Give him access to the Original Premium Cigar Club for three months, where he’ll receive five hand-rolled premium cigars each month.

Price: $74.85 (for three months)

Premium cigar club membership

Image: CigarMonthClub.com

Pricier Purchases

Mix utility with fashion when you buy your dad a luxury watch from Shinola this Father’s Day.

Price: $500+

Shinola watch

Image: Shinola.com

A Dad Who’s For the Dogs

If your dad can’t stop talking about his furever friend, you should consider one of these great gifts for dog lovers.

Frugal Finds

Help him send his dog running with the Chuck It Sport 26 Ball Launcher. This launcher will up your dad’s fetch game, allowing him to throw a ball three times as far as normal. What’s more, he won’t ever have to bend over or grab a slobbery ball.

Price: $15.34

Ball launcher for dogs

Image: Amazon.com

If your dad is just like his dog, consider getting them Soulmate Matching T-Shirts. He’ll be able to proudly show off his best buddy and their new threads at the dog park.

Price: $33.99

Soulmate matching t-shirts with your pet

Image: Amazon.com

Affordable Fun

If your dad loves his dog and fine art, get him a custom portrait of his pup. He can hang it on his wall or above the mantle. Just swap it with the family picture.

Price: $53.89+

Custom portrait of a pet dog

Image: Etsy.com

Pricier Purchases

Some dogs are known for getting loose. Help your dad find his dog with the Find My Pet Nano, which can help him track his four-legged companion using an Android or iPhone, no matter where Fido may be.

Price $139.99

Find my pet tracker

Image: Amazon.com

A Dad Who Loves to Grill

Some dads don’t want to go out for a Father’s Day dinner. They want to enjoy their special day playing with fire and eating meat! Check out these smokin’ good gift ideas for your dad.

Frugal Finds

Where would Batman be without his utility belt? And where would your dad be without his grill accessories? Give the gift of a good grill with this Stainless-Steel BBQ Tool Kit, including a 20-piece set and a portable aluminum carrying case.

Price: $31.57

Stainless Steel Cooking Set

Image: Amazon.com

Affordable Fun

Help your dad spice up his grilling with the BBQ Subscription from Taste Trunk. For three months, he’ll receive a grill-themed basket that includes rubs, sauces, oils and spices. These quality ingredients and recipes will make his cooking the talk of the neighborhood.

Price: $99 (for three months)

BBQ basket filled with rubs, sauces, oils and spices

Image: TasteTrunk.com

Nothing says Father’s Day like a good steak. Dinner is on you this year, but Dad still gets to cook it with the Father’s Day Family Feast Steak Package from Omaha Steaks.

Price: $84.99

Omaha steaks

Image: OmahaSteaks.com

Pricier Purchases

If it’s time to retire your dad’s grill, you should check out this selection of quality grills from the Home Depot! Let him choose carefully between a gas grill and a charcoal one.

Price: $100+


Image: HomeDepot.com

A Dad Who Digs Dirt

Whether it’s a 4-foot-by-4-foot plot or a two-story greenhouse, some dads are serious about their gardens. Help them shine up their green thumbs with these Father’s Day gifts for dads who like to garden.

Frugal Finds

Keep your dad safe from the sun’s rays with a Sloggers Classic Cotton Hat, rated UPF 50+ maximum sun protection.

Price: $12.74+

Cotton hat

Image: Amazon.com

Does your dad want an easier way to dig in the dirt while also looking kind of like a lizard person? The SigmaGo Garden Genie Gloves are protective hand wear that make it easy to dig and plant with your hands. They’re even safe for rose pruning!

Price: $13.99

Gloves with claws on the end of the fingers

Image: Amazon.com

Affordable Fun

If fallen limbs are keeping your dad from having a pristine garden or lawn, then consider buying him an electric wood chipper from Sun Joe! That’s right. For less than $100, you can give your dad the gift of fewer branches, free garden mulch and an exciting new toy. Look at you now, Dad! Fargo’s go nothing on you!

Price: $96.08

Electric wood chipper

Image: Amazon.com

Pricier Purchases

As many gardeners know, working in the dirt can do a number on your back. Give your old man a break with the Rolling Work Seat. This comfortable seat will help him avoid pain and injury from stooping, kneeling or squatting.

Price: $124.90

Rolling work seat

Image: Amazon.com

A Dad Who Can Fix Anything

Some dads want to spend their free time working with tools in the garage. If you have a DIY dad, these Father’s Day gifts are a great choice for him.

Frugal Finds

If your dad spends too much time trying to find the right tool, simplify his search with the CONBEE Universal Gator Socket Adapter Grip. It fits on a variety of socket wrenches and comes with an adapter for drills. It can unscrew bolts, nuts, hooks and even uniquely shaped fasteners that you don’t have the right tool for.

Price: $9.69

Socket adapter grip super tool

Image: Amazon.com

Affordable Fun

Some dads do a wide variety of projects with their tools. Give yours a tool that’s as versatile as he is. The Leatherman Tool Group Wave Multi Tool Cutter includes metal cutting snips, a bolt cutter and more!

Price: $89.95

Multiple tool cutter

Image: Amazon.com

Pricier Purchases

And if you want to treat your dad this year, give him the gift that keeps on giving with a Home Depot Combo Tool Kit. Make sure you ask about his brand preference! Trust us – he won’t mind talking about it.

Price: $100+

Combo tool kit

Image: HomeDepot.com

A Dad Who Likes Gadgets

Is your dad technologically inclined? If he spends his free time tinkering with tech, you should consider getting him a new gadget this Father’s Day. Feed his inner nerd with one of these exciting (and useful) gifts.

Frugal Finds

The Echo Dot (2nd Generation) is a voice-controlled device that can do a wide variety of tasks – from playing music and reading the news to controlling lights, fans and other compatible devices. Give your dad a break with the hands-free control of the Echo Dot.

Price: $49.99

The Echo Dot

Image: Amazon.com

Affordable Fun

There are few things more frustrating than having a phone die when you’re travelling. With the Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger, PowerPort Solar, your dad can harness the power of the sun to give his phone some juice.

Price: $59.99

Solar charger,

Image: Amazon.com

Pricier Purchases

If your dad just needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, help him block out the noise with the luxurious Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones (Noise Cancelling).

Price: $349.00

Wireless noise cancelling headphones

Image: Amazon.com

A Dad Who’s on the Move

If your dad loves to travel, let him spread his wings this Father’s Day. Give him something to help him enjoy his adventures, whether he’s travelling for business or pleasure.

Frugal Finds

Flying can be a drag for some travelers, so help your dad enjoy his time in the sky with a Carry-On Cocktail Kit from Macy’s. Give him the gift of first class – at least where his drinks are concerned – with the tools he needs to make a refreshing gin and tonic.

Price: $24

Cocktail kit

Image: Macys.com

Affordable Fun

If your dad loves maps and being trendy, then the Orvis Leather-Bound National Parks Atlas would be the perfect gift for him. With journals, maps and travel information, this atlas is a must-have for a dad who’s constantly looking for the next adventure.

Price: $59

Leather-bound national parks atlas

Image: Orvis.com

Pricier Purchases

When travelling, sometimes your dad wants to see the lay of the land from a bird’s-eye view. With the Force1 UDI U818A Wifi FPV Drone, he can amplify his travel experience and play with a new toy at the same time. With an HD camera, a remote control, a VR headset and a power bank, this drone has all he needs to make the most of his trips.

Price: $139.95


Image: Amazon.com

Do It for Dad!

Whatever you choose to buy for your dad this year, make sure you think about his interests. Not every dad wants a tie. Make the most of this holiday by giving him a great Father’s Day gift!

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