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A couple playing with their dog

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Even though you love your furry, four-legged friends, being a pet owner can come with its own set of challenges – one of the biggest being the products and supplies you use to take care of them.

It can be challenging enough to keep your space posh when you have a pet, from the fur they shed, to the amount of items you need for their upkeep. On top of that, most pet products aren’t made to be both fancy as well as functional.

For those pet owners who enjoy the finer things in life, we found a list of the most stylish pet products that will not only entertain your pet, but also add style to your space.

Pet Beds

This Dog Sofa with Memory Foam Cushion, found on Wayfair, is designed with a wood-like material and stainless steel accent, while the memory foam cushion is both stylish and comfortable for your pet. On top of that, the antique white color will blend perfectly with your room décor.

Large pet bed

Image: Wayfair.com

If you’re looking for a home for your feline friends, check out the A-Frame Cat Bed, also found on Wayfair.

Hidden cat bed

Image: Wayfair.com

This is an ideal bed for those who want to give their cat a comfortable space, while disguising their bed. It includes a scratching pad on the side; a perfect way to combine two feline necessities in one. This clever piece of furniture also doubles as a side table for you, with a decent amount of shelf space on top.

Fish Bowl

Fish can be pretty low-maintenance pets, not requiring much upkeep, but often their tanks can be somewhat space consuming.

If you’re looking to upgrade your fish tank to something a little more sleek and manageable, check out the LED Light Aquarium from Target.

Sleek fish bowl

Image: Target.com

Ideal for your small fish or shrimp, this tank is compact enough for a desk or side table in your home, and its unique design makes it look like a decorative statement piece in your home.

Rabbit Hutch

For the cottontails in your life, you’ll usually require a substantially sized rabbit cage that might take up quite a bit of room in your home and be difficult to hide. That being said, make sure if your cage does stand out in your home that it stands out in style.

For example, check out this 2-Story Rabbit Hutch, found on Target.

Two-story rabbit hutch

Image: Target.com

The light brown pinewood pairs well with the off-white metal frame, giving it a country-chic vibe. The cage is a comfortable home for either two rabbits or guinea pigs, with a sturdy construction and cute barn-style design.

Scratching Post

While certain cat scratching posts can be fun, they’re often too big to be hidden and draw attention in your living room and bedroom. Not to mention that it’s hard to find a scratching post that’s both fun for your feline and functional in your space.

Enter the Cat Scratching Post, found on Wayfair.

Cat hammock

Image: Wayfair.com

The wooden frame gives a modern aesthetic twist to an otherwise unstylish concept, with a shape that’s interesting to your cat and a decorative statement in your home. The top of the product functions as a scratching base, while the bottom includes a fun hammock pad for your cat to relax.

Cat Perch

It’s no secret that cats like to climb. Whether it’s your shelves, a bookcase, or even on top of your kitchen cabinets, those frisky felines like to explore different spaces. It can often get a little frustrating – especially if you store things on top of your high surfaces.

The solution is a cat perch that’s made to be climbed, while still looking nice in your home. For example, the 2 Piece Cat Perch Set found on Wayfair.

Hidden cat ledges

Image: Wayfair.com

Designed for cats to experience the fun of climbing, stretching, hiding or simply napping, the piece looks great in a bohemian home design and will easily blend with any other plants in your room.

Pet Gate

Protect your curious cat or daredevil dog by setting up a pet gate in an area of your home that you either want to keep them in or keep them from venturing into.

Check out this charming Wood Picket Freestanding Pet Gate found on Wayfair.

White picket fence pet gate

Image: Wayfair.com

The design is inspired by a charming white, picket fence made from durable wood that will keep your pets from going into unwanted areas of your home. Additionally, the freestanding construction eliminates the need for screws and nails, so you don’t have to permanently mark up the walls of your home.

Kitty Litter Box

Perhaps the peskiest pet product is the kitty litter box, hard to conceal and sometimes even harder to hide the smell.

One of the newest trends in pet products is the concealed or enclosed litter box, camouflaged as either an end table or decorative piece in your home.

Take this Decorative Little Box Cover from Target, for example.

Hidden cat litter box

Image: Target.com

The design gives your kitty some privacy, while the box is disguised as a side table. The neutral white color is able to blend in any area, décor and color scheme, with a trendy shelf and towel bar for extra storage and organization.

Pet Collar & Leash

Your home’s not the only thing you want looking stylish! Next time you take man’s best friend on a walk around the park, try adding a little style with a fun collar and leash.

For example, this Leather Pet Leash and Leather Pet Collar found on Target.

Leather pet leash

Image: Target.com

Leather pet collar

Image: Target.com

Both the collar and leash are made from 100% real leather, with gold-colored buckles and snaps that give a fancy flair to your pet. The leather is double layered to ensure durability and quality for your active pet.

Treat Jar

If you have an overabundance of treats and food, opt for a more stylish way to store your pet’s goodies by switching out your clear containers for decorative jars.

Treat your pet, and yourself, to this modern Stoneware Pet Treat Jar, found on Target.

Stylish treat container

Image: Target.com

The teal, cobalt blue and white treat keeper has a cute and eye-catching design that will make a statement in any room in your home, with a classic design that will work with a variety of décor styles.

Food and Water Bowls

Food and water bowls can often get in the way. They’re so low to the ground that they become more of a tripping hazard than functional pet products.

There’s an easy answer to this problem, and the best part? It’s also trendy. This Elevated Dog and Cat Pet Feeder Bowl, found on Amazon, is perfect for your furry friends’ food.

Wooden, raised pet feeding dishes

Image: Amazon.com

The elevated design is constructed from bamboo, with detachable, stainless steel bowls that allow for a sturdy, durable, yet sleek design. As an added bonus, the elevated feeders often keep feeding areas cleaner, and prevent your fun-loving pet from playing with their food.

Pet Feeding Mat

Pet feeding mats are the best way to keep your dog or cat’s food and water from spilling on your floors, causing not only a mess, but also a slipping hazard in your home.

This Pet Feeding Mat from Target is fun and functional, with an anti-skid backing and easy to clean surface.

Pet food dish rug

Image: Target.com

The material is made from jute, a vegetable fiber woven into materials for easy cleanup and durable design. The pattern is fun too – with an eye-popping dog bone design that will blend in with the décor in your home.

Get Your Style On

As you can see, the days of compromising the aesthetic of your home décor for your pets are long gone!

There are endless creative ways to disguise pet supplies as décor in your home, but the best are when the products themselves come in cute and functional designs that can be easily incorporated into a room.

What’s your favorite stylish pet product? Let us know in the comments below!

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