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Remember those ramen noodles in the college days? They were quick, they were pretty tasty and they were cheap to buy. I know, but they sure aren’t healthy for a person who consumes them on a regular basis. Actually, it seems like everything affordable is bad for you at first glance. Luckily, digging deeper gives you a truer picture. Here are 10 tips for a healthier life right now.

  1. Meat is expensive, so don’t just eat that all by itself. Have some tofu or grains with a smaller portion of the poultry or meat and you will not only make a healthier meal but a cheaper one too.
  2.  Some types of food are just healthier and cheaper at the same time. (Here are 12 that are both nutritious and super cheap).
  3.  You’d really do your wallet, as well as your body a favor if you just skip the Drive-Thru. It’s really convenient to get combo #1, but if your physical and financial health is at all your priority, just say no!
  4.  Know what you are getting before you get into the grocery store. Otherwise, you will just buy things you see and your bill will be so much higher. Like everything else, planning with a budget does help.
  5.  I know it’s hard, but if at all possible, drink only water. All those extra caffeine and sugar is not going to help your wallet at all.
  6.  Wait for the season when it comes to produce. Not only are they fresher, they are much cheaper when something is “in-season”.
  7.  Supporting the locals can sometimes save you big bucks. Not only are their fruits and vegetables often cheaper, they are for sure fresher too. If there is a community supported agriculture (CSA) around your area, check it out because investing in one may make sense for your family.
  8.  Make it yourself if you can. Raw materials are always cheaper and you will in the process cut out many of the preservatives and additives out of your diet too.
  9. Starting your own vegetable garden is probably one of the cheapest ways to lower your grocery bill. Many people take pride in their crop, and you can enjoy the freshest food all in the comfort of your own back yard.
  10. The more coupons you can use, the cheaper the price. Clipping coupons have become a great American past time, so start saving by spending a bit of time organizing and storing those coupons.

They may be hard to find, but inexpensive healthy foods do exist. Sometimes, you can eat well and save money at the same time. And if you can stay healthy and lower your medical bills, why not?

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