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Fall home decor

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As the weather fades from sweltering summer heat to a cool fall breeze, we’ll start to see the colors of home décor following suit. Inspired by your favorite fall things (cider mills, fuzzy sweaters, crunchy leaves) the fall trends of 2017 are sure to pumpkin spice-up this season.

We reached out to professional interior designers for their take on this season’s trends and tips, and how you can incorporate fall décor into your home. So grab a warm blanket, some hot apple cider and cozy up to our inside look.

Orange (and Navy) is the New Black

Across the board, interior designers and decorators agree – navy is set to be one of this season’s biggest colors. No surprise there! Navy is a warmer alternative to the otherwise striking blacks and grays that usually appear when the weather turns chilly.

A surprising up-and-comer, however, is orange. Think pumpkins, fresh-fallen leaves and sweet potato pie; orange embodies the color of fall. Add navy to the mix, and you have one of this season’s biggest color combinations.

Ana Zuravliova, interior designer at Wooden Blinds Direct, said, “The uplifting, friendly tones of orange work perfectly alongside strong, serious navy, and will be a welcome addition to many spaces in the home, particularly a living room that needs cozying up for autumn.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Fall offers countless opportunities to incorporate warm and fuzzy décor. This color combination comes courtesy of Pantone’s fall color palette for New York, featuring the stunning tones of Navy Peony and Autumn Maple.

Action Item: A Chair with Flair

Welcome these new fall colors into your home by incorporating a few key statement pieces that stand out in a room.

For example, this dark orange accent chair from Target.com matches Pantone’s Autumn Maple perfectly, emanating warm fall tones in its upholstered, woven fabric. The button-tufted back adds an extra texture to the chair, reiterating the retro aesthetic of the solid wood legs.

Orange chair

Image: Target.com

Pair the stylish accent chair with a navy throw blanket. This cozy, cotton blanket adds a sense of style to the otherwise elegantly simple chair, with fringe finishing touches on both ends.

Navy throw blanket

Image: Target.com

The juxtaposition of the warm orange with the bold navy is striking, as Zuravliova hinted it would be, creating a dynamic color combination in any living room. Even the diverse fabric textures create a homey, hodge-podge feel in a room.


This past summer season, home décor experienced an increased interest in marble. From kitchen backsplashes to a simple accent in a room, marble took the spotlight for all things polished and posh.

As we begin to transition into the fall season, it’s time to swap out marble and rose gold for rustic alternatives. For example, Zuravliova mentioned earthy materials – like wood and clay – will be particularly popular throughout fall, along with rubbed gold and worn brass.

She attributes this shift of texture and tone to a renewed appreciation for artisanship and organic materials. While these features are simple, they up the ante on home décor with their warmth and charm.

Action Item: Bold and Brass

Gather around this brass coffee table, found on Target.com, perfect for a get-together with family and friends.

Gold coffee table

Image: Target.com

Based on Zuravliova’s insights, this furniture piece perfectly captures this season’s fall décor style, with a worn, brass coloring and antique copper-looking finish.

Additionally, the nail-hammered texture recalls her comments about artisanship, giving a simple charm to otherwise polished home décor.

Of course, there are more subtle ways to incorporate the warm metals of fall by using simple decorative accents pieces, like candleholders, frames or vases. Take this textured gold vase from Target.com, for example.

Decorative gold vase

Image: Target.com


The metal construction of this tall gold vase matches this fall décor trend perfectly, with a lacquered gold finish that emits elegance. The classic, contemporary look of the vase is paired with a textured design, commonly attributed to artisan décor.

Place the vase on a shelf or end table for a standout look.

Pom-pular Details

While the color mood board for fall encourages warmth and simplicity, the details on the furniture say anything but. This season, lavish and dramatic details on furniture are taking the spotlight in home décor.

Put your poms poms up for the arrival of tassels and pom poms flourished on fall furniture. These flamboyant details can be found on the trims of cushions, blinds and other decorative accessories, hinted Zuravliova, thanks to a revived interested in folk-inspired style, artisanship and crafting.

“The interior design world is seeing a strong shift toward this eclectic mix of global influences, which is making homeowners and decorators more experimental, and in turn, homes are becoming more diverse,” she explained.

Sara Chiarilli, an interior designer and owner of Artful Conceptions, a design firm in Tampa, Florida, concurs on the rise of globally inspired décor. Distinguished by intricate patterns (like paisley) and luxury textures (like fur), globally inspired décor will radiate warm, earthy tones into your home this fall.

“The globally inspired décor is huge in the fall,” Chiarilli asserted. “The pieces have a warmer feel to them, and as fall arrives, we tend to gravitate to warmer colors.”

Action Item: Sheep and Cotton

Add dramatic texture to a room by incorporating small decorative pieces with bold and intricate designs.

Check out this cotton throw pillow from Wayfair.com. The simple, square pillow is adorned with knots and tassels that, while small, stand out as a bold statement. Additionally, the neutral gray color will pair perfectly with other decorative pieces you may have in your home.

White, knit throw pillow

Image: Wayfair.com

Take a walk on the wild side by tying in a sheepskin rug into your fall décor. The chic yet soft material sets a cozy ambiance, while creating a more natural and earthy theme in a room.

Black sheepskin rug

Image: Wayfair.com

For an even more dramatic statement, try choosing a darker color, like charcoal.

Table Talk

If your focus is on crockery and cookware, consider incorporating eclectic tableware in your kitchen this season. When it comes to kitchen décor in the fall, there are no rules.

Zuravliova encourages homeowners to pass over the matching sets of dish and dinnerware and opt to mix and match different patterns and designs, drawing once more on folk influences.

She suggested visiting independent homeware shops for “one-off” pieces, combining your finds with items from other popular stores.

Additionally, Adam Watson, head interior designer at Decorelo, suggested red as the color for homewares, kitchen accessories and textiles. Going back to Pantone’s fall color palette, try incorporating their dynamic Grenadine Red, a standout shade that adds a striking touch to an otherwise tame fall mood board.

“A hint of red in a neutral room just brings it to life,” he suggested, making it more interesting. It’s a great color for fall.”

Action Item: Colors of the Kitchen

The best way to mix various patterns and designs is to pick a base color that stays consistent throughout the contradicting combinations. Staying on-theme with our fall color mood board, we’ll go with orange.

This orange dinnerware set from Pier 1 Imports is great because it closely resembles the Pantone Autumn Maple.

Orange dish-ware

Image: Pier1.com

As you can see, this dinnerware set is relatively simple, with delicate beaded edges and a glossy, glaze finish as it’s most prominent features.

Now, add these decorative bowls from Target.com, and you’ve got a fun, eclectic-looking dinnerware presentation:

Decorative orange bowl

Image: Target.com

Decorative orange bowl

Image: Target.com

My favorite aspects of these decorative bowls is the subtle hints of red in the pattern and design, adding a little bit of edge to the otherwise warm and welcoming orange.

For the finishing touches, I recommend revisiting the other 2017 fall color, navy. In this case, try adding a decorative table runner, like this one found on Target.com.

Navy table runner

Image: Target.com

Once again, the winning combination of navy and orange take center stage and the added patterns create an eclectic and homey hodge-podge to your table. Not to mention, the table runner also has tassels, another fall décor must!

Fall in Style

With so many amazing new trends hitting the style scene this fall season, don’t let savings sacrifice your style by shopping affordable home décor.

Style is always in season and fall is no exception. What are your favorite fall features in home décor? Let us know in the comments below!

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