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man bungee jumpingEver wonder why some people pay more for insurance than others? It’s not just about what car you drive or what ZIP code you live in. Whether you’re shopping for car insurance, homeowners insurance or health insurance, these 10 factors could be responsible for increasing your premiums.

Your Home’s Claim History

It may surprise you, but insurance claims made on your home before you lived there can increase your insurance premiums. According to Kiplinger.com, insurance companies look at up to seven years of a home’s insurance claim history when determining how much to charge you.

Your Occupation

According to Banking123.com, your job title can increase your car insurance premium. Why? The auto insurance industry collects statistics on which professions are involved in fewer accidents. If you’re a librarian, teacher or banker, or if you work in law enforcement, you’re viewed as a safer driver according to the numbers.

Your Professional Memberships

Not only will your profession get you a better rate, but according to Banking 123.com, you can get discounts depending on where you work or what union you belong to. Belonging to a fraternal organization can even get you a discount. Ask your agent if your affiliations can save you money.

Who You Work With

Your colleagues could have a direct impact on how much you’re paying for health insurance premiums. According to Kiplinger.com, health insurance companies often take into account the average age of a group of employees when determining how much to charge for premiums.

Where You Park

Parking on the street can come with a number of disadvantages, and a high car insurance premium is one of them. According to Banking123.com, if your residence has a garage, you could be saving money. If you don’t have one and are forced to park on the street, there’s a greater risk that your car could get damaged or stolen, leading to increased rates.

Your Credit Score

If you’re applying for a mortgage, your credit score can affect what rate you get, but according to Kelly Blue Book, it can also impact car insurance rates. If your credit score is below average, insurance companies consider you more likely to file a claim and cost them money.

Your Weight

Health insurance companies can increase your premiums depending on how much you weigh. According to Kiplinger.com, if your body mass index is above 30, which is considered obese, you might not be eligible for the lowest available premiums.

Level of Education

Whether or not you graduated from college has a direct impact on your car insurance premiums. According to Banking123.com, studies show that people who graduated with a college degree have safer driving records and are less risky to insure.

Your Car’s Horsepower

You would expect certain models of sports cars to come with higher insurance costs. But according to Kiplinger.com, simply picking a model of any car with more horsepower can send your insurance premiums through the roof.

Your Hobbies

What you do in your spare time can have a direct impact on what insurance companies decide to charge you. According to Kiplinger.com, thrill-seeking tendencies can increase life insurance policy costs. If you enjoy skydiving, riding motorcycles, or even traveling to countries deemed unsafe, you can expect to pay above-average premiums.

Shopping for the lowest insurance premiums can be a complicated process, but knowing all the factors that can increase your costs will help you find the best options for your budget.

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