I had a dream the other day. In my dream, I entered the Quicken Loans ThanksGiveaway. (I entered daily, which increased my chances of winning a $500 grand prize!) Guess what happened in my dream? I got lucky, and I got $500.

In my dream, I wondered, “What could I do with the $500 I won in the Quicken Loans ThanksGiveaway?” It came to me pretty quick. I could buy something from my favorite big-box store, Costco. If you’re so lucky as to actually win a grand prize from the ThanksGiveaway Sweepstakes, here’s what your $500 winnings could buy you from Costco.

10 Things I Dreamed About Buying with My $500 ThanksGiveaway Winnings - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

PlayStation®4 System Bundle

You’ll have nothing but fun with your new PS4. Now you can defeat and humiliate people around the world. Flaunt your power. You’ve earned it.
Top of Form

Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector

Drive fast and don’t worry with your new radar detector. There’s not much more I need to tell you to make you understand why you’d want to buy this with your winnings.Bottom of Form

Modeno Full Bed

Not a half bed, but a full bed! It can be yours. Play the sweeps!

HON Ignition Series SofThread Black Leather Executive High-Back Chair

Sit like a C-suite executive in your new office chair when you win the ThanksGiveaway. You’ll be the envy of the mailroom.

Lighting by Pecaso Tuscana Gold Chandelier

Why dine by candlelight when you can dine by chandelier light? You’ll need no more proof that you’ve made it.

Excel 26″ 13 Drawer Tool Chest and Roller Cabinet Combination

If you’re into tools, you’ll be into this. It’s huge. It rolls. It’s amazing.

21″ Spectrum Skylight Tube by U.S. Sunlight

Brighten your home for free when you add a lovely skylight, all because you played the ThanksGiveaway.

Commissioned Pet Portraits by Brandis Sarich

A commissioned portrait of your pet? What? I want this so bad. My dog’s name is Girly Girl. Do you have a pet?

Palram Harmony 6′ x 4′ Greenhouse with Starter Kit

This is your chance to become the master gardener of your dreams. Heck, this could be the start of your new life as a farmer. Enter the ThanksGiveaway and it all comes true.

Antique Amphora Rain Barrel Planter

It’s a giant rain barrel. It’s giant planter. It’s both and it can be yours.

That’s it. Just a sample of the great things I dreamed about when I won the Quicken Loans ThanksGiveaway’s $500 prize. Less than a week to go. Enter and you could live my dream.

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