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10 Quick and Easy Home Makeover Ideas - Quicken Loans Zing BlogIf time and money are your biggest concerns when it comes to home decor, then have a look at our list of some of the quickest and easiest home makeover ideas ever. What’s more, almost all of these ideas make use of existing stuff that you have lying around the house, can be done in less than 20 minutes and will not burn a huge hole in your pocket!

Add a Few Indoor Plants

This is easy. Move a few potted plants inside for a couple of days to brighten up a dull corner, a stairway, a windowsill or an unused fireplace. Check out Homedit.com, which gives 25 unique ways to include house plants in your home decor. Their recommendation: Think outside the box when it comes to planters, and don’t go for the usual pots and vases.

And while we are on the topic of plants, can flowers be far behind? Don’t worry if you don’t have beautiful decorative vases to hold your flowers. Pitchers, mugs and even teacups work perfectly when it comes to flowers.

Use small, clear glasses of various shapes and sizes for holding cut flowers, and group them together on your sideboard to make an easily-put together, inexpensive and stylish statement. And don’t forget to add flowers to every room in your house. Even a single bud in a clear vase tells your guests that you care.

Change Your Door and Cabinet Knobs

Add a dash of color to your kitchen cabinets, drawers and doors by replacing plain old knobs and handles with fun, quirky ones in the shapes of animals, hearts and other fancy shapes. If you really don’t want to buy any new stuff, you can also dress up your door knobs with bright, colorful ribbons.

Wall Art with Plates, Photos and Mirrors

Do you have a blank wall at home that could make a suitable background for an art piece? Make your own using plates, photos or your children’s artwork that you have lying around. Plates of different colors and sizes can be grouped together to make an interesting piece of wall art. Check out how The Frugal Homemaker transformed a plain wall in her dining room with lovely white plates that cost her less than $3.

Family photos, children’s artwork, inexpensive mirrors, magazine cutouts and even movie posters can be used in the same way to add an instant face-lift to any room. Just make sure you follow a theme, and don’t forget to arrange your selected pieces on the floor before you start swinging the hammer!

Move Existing Stuff Around

Here are a couple of ideas for giving your home a whole new look simply by rearranging your belongings:

  • The long bench in your study can be added to the end of your bed for an interesting look. Throw in a box of old photos or greeting cards for a fanciful touch.
  • Arrange the books in your bookshelf according to size or color.
  • Group all the things on your coffee table onto a big wooden tray for a new look.
  • Rearrange bedroom furniture. For instance, if your guest bedroom has twin beds arranged side-to-side, pull them apart and arrange them along two opposite walls or in an L-shape.
  • Try rearranging your living room furniture. Play around with your sofa, chairs and side tables to see where they best fit.
  • Change the rugs in your rooms. Move the bedroom rug to the dining room and vice versa.

Get Creative with Leftover Fabric

Do you have bunches of leftover fabric or old curtains lying around? Turn them into interesting cushion covers by following this easy 10-minute tutorial with only four simple steps from Canberra Creatives. All you need is a cushion, some fabric and some basic sewing skills.

Dining Table Centerpieces

Fresh, colorful fruits in a big glass bowl look lovely when placed as a dining table centerpiece. You can also group various types of breads on a tray along with a choice of dips to add a touch of warmth and intimacy to sudden dinner parties.

Leftover Paint

There is so much you can do with the leftover paint lying unwanted in your garage! Paint your paper lampshade a new color and give new life to old chairs and tables. If you’re good enough with a brush, you can try your hand at some creative wall painting. Even some simple horizontal stripes on the wall can perk up a room instantly. If you don’t want to take chances, you can also get hold of some wall art stencils to sketch some pretty murals on your dining room and nursery walls!

Shoe Boxes and Wrapping Paper

Old shoe boxes can be wrapped in cheap, colorful wrapping paper to make easy storage solutions for your children’s toys, stationery or artwork. This can also add a bright and cheery color to the room.

Put Old Household Items to New Uses

Use old Mason jars to hold strands of battery-powered festive lights and brighten up your passageway or walkway. You can also fill such jars with brightly colored beads, buttons, pebbles or sand of different colors to make unique decorative pieces. Put pretty old baskets to use as magazine holders.

Color Me Bright

Bring color into any room by collecting different objects from around the house. For instance, you can collect accessories, books and other items of the same color from different rooms and arrange them on your dining room sideboard. If you normally use matching towels in your bathrooms, mix them up. Drape a bright, colorful quilt over your headboard to add a fresh look to your bedroom.

If you want your hard work to get noticed, don’t forget to give your home a thorough and intense round of cleaning and polishing after you are done with your home makeover projects!


Kurt Jacobson is a surfing enthusiast with a background in real estate. Having moved 10 times in the past seven years, he thrives on helping others learn from his experiences. When he’s not out shredding waves, he writes about homes for HouseHunter.co.

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