Post Series: 2014 Holiday Gift Guides
Stereotypically, foodies tend to be a little picky about what’s in their kitchen, which can make shopping for them even more difficult. A fruit cake simple won’t cut it; you need to find something new, something unique and possibly something with artisan in the title.

Whether you’re looking for a simple hostess gift or a more personal present, these 10 holiday gift ideas are sure to please your foodie.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Foodie - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Theo Holiday Chocolate Bars

Theo Holiday Chocolate Bars are a festive little gift that put any foodie in the holiday spirit. They come in Coconut Mint, Nutcracker Brittle, Peppermint Stick and Gingerbread Spice. It’s the perfect gift for the office, stocking stuffer or gift basket.

Edgeware Knife Sharpener

The worst thing for a chef is a dull knife. This knife sharpener has a v-grip bottom so it sits on the edge of the counter. Convenient and easy to use, this knife sharpener is perfect for a hostess gift or to throw into a gift basket or stocking.

Jalapeno Corer

Helpful kitchen gadgets make every foodie’s day. And, if your foodie is a fan of spicy flavors, this jalapeno corer will make their cooking a breeze! This gadget removes the core and seeds of a jalapeno in quickly, and it’s dishwasher safe!

Non-Stick Baking Sheets

Long gone are the days of parchment paper! These non-stick silicone baking mats save clean-up time – all they need is a good wipe down with some hot soapy water and to lay out to dry.

Oil Sampler

Infused oils add another layer of flavor to any dish. Give this sampler box from Boyajian. This kit comes with garlic oil, base oil and roasted-chili oil.

Ritual Coffee Subscription

If you have a coffee enthusiast on your list, sign them up for the Ritual Coffee Club! They’ll ship a bag of single-origin coffee to your foodie each month. Here’s a special note about this gift: All of these coffees are roasted for brewing as a filter coffee.

Wine Chiller

No one wants lukewarm white wine, and waiting for wine to chill can be annoying. Instantly chill your wine with the Napa Wine Chiller. Store it in your freezer, drop it in your glass and pour your wine – it’s instantly chilled! And there’s an added bonus: 15% of your purchase price goes towards fighting testicular cancer.

Toddy Cold Brew

Maybe I’m the only person who wants iced coffee year-round, but I doubt it. The Toddy Cold Brew System helps make the perfect cold brew and iced tea, and it keeps your coffee concentrate fresh for up to three weeks.

Vanilla Sampler

To a baker, quality vanilla is key! Nielsen Massey is one of the most well-known names in the vanilla world. Their set of three vanillas from Mexico, Tahiti and Madagascar will thrill any baker.


Hatchery ships tasting boxes to your gift’s recipient once a month. Each box has a new assortment of artisan cooking or baking ingredients. You can buy subscription in three, six or 12-month increments. 

These holiday gift ideas will please any foodie! Do you have another idea that wasn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments section.


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