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Little kids at a Halloween party

Let’s be honest: Kids are already pretty stinkin’ cute, but throw a costume on them and they’re adorable! Unfortunately, those store-bought Halloween costumes can get expensive. And, as we all know, clothes don’t stay nice for very long when worn by young ones. Give your son or daughter a piece of chocolate and minutes later you’ll have a chocolate mess on the expensive costume that you just bought. So, what’s a parent to do?

Get resourceful! Here’s our guide on some of the cutest DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

Clark Kent

What could be cuter than a mini Clark Kent? Not only is this costume a classic, it’s super easy to pull off. Layer a Superman shirt under a button-down, grab some slacks, a pair of glasses and a cape, and your little one is ready to save the world!


This one requires you to get a little crafty, but all that work will be worth it when your kid looks like an adorable little cupcake. You’ll need a lamp shade, a towel and a few colorful pompoms to decorate the top of your cupcake.

Have them wear the lamp shade upside down, held up by suspenders. Glue or sew pompoms to the towel and wrap it around their shoulders to look like the top of the cupcake. Sweet!

Jack-Jack from The Incredibles

This is the ultimate super baby costume, and it’s pretty easy to recreate. All you’ll need is some red pajamas, black socks, a black eye mask and some felt (if you wish to recreate the “Incredibles” patch that goes on the front of the suit). If your baby has enough hair, put a little bit of hair gel in it and spike it. Get the rest of your family some red pajamas and go as the whole Incredibles clan.


If your kid has a pair of jeans and a flannel, you’re already halfway there. Create a fake beard (painted cotton balls that have been glued to a piece of cloth that is cut in a beard shape works well) and a cardboard ax. Top it off with a pair of suspenders. They’ll be the cutest one in the woods.

Morton Salt Girl

She’s been on your shelf for years and now you can make her come to life. All you need is a long-sleeve yellow dress, some Mary Jane shoes, an umbrella and, of course, a container of Morton Salt. Clever and timeless.

Scuba Diver

Save a couple two-liter bottles. Spray paint them your kid’s favorite color, tape them together and add rope straps to create an easy oxygen tank. Dress them up in all black and add a pair of swim goggles. A smart and simple costume for your future marine biologist.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Who doesn’t love a clever joke costume? This one is super cute and ridiculously easy. Put your child in their raincoat and rain boots and attach stuffed dogs and cats to the top of an umbrella.

Movie Star

Does your youngster have a flair for the dramatic? Why not dress them up red carpet style? Go old-school Hollywood with a look that embodies a mini Audrey Hepburn. All you need is a black tutu, black gloves, sunglasses, pearls and a little tiara.

Alternatively, dress them up as a little Charlie Chaplin, complete with a suit, bowler hat and fake mustache. Adorable!

Pig in a Blanket

Dress your kid up in some snuggly pink pajamas and give them a blanket to wrap around their shoulders. Get it? Pigs in a blanket? Too cute!

For the pig ears and nose, get some pink felt. Cut out two ear shapes and glue them to a headband. For the nose, cut off the bottom of a coffee cup and glue the felt to it. Use elastic to hold it up.

Their Favorite Insurance Company Character

For some reason, insurance commercial characters are all the rage for Halloween costumes, and they’re even cuter when seen on children, who presumably won’t be needing car insurance anytime soon. Whether you dress them up as Flo from Progressive, Mayhem from Allstate or Jake from State Farm (or – even cuter – have siblings dressed up as rival insurance characters), these costumes are generally easy to throw together with items you already have: an all-white outfit and apron for Flo, a disheveled suit for Mayhem, and a red polo with the infamous khakis for Jake. This is guaranteed to get a laugh when you’re out trick-or-treating.

How will you be dressing up your little one this Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

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