Buying a home can be scary, but if you’re willing to #BeBrave, it can change your life. We asked America to tell us their inspiring stories of homeownership.

Planting Roots in Los Angeles

After years of renting, single mom Shylise was nervous to buy a home, but she knew it was the right time to put down roots for herself and her nine-year-old son. What she didn’t know was the impact her home would have on her community.

Finding a Place to Grow Old

With a young child and a second baby on the way, Rich and Sara knew they wanted to find a home they could grow old in. But changing careers and settling down posed its own challenges.

Pursuing Passion from NYC to Atlanta

Feifei seemed to have it all – a great job as a magazine editor, an apartment in Manhattan, and loving family and friends. So why did it feel like something was missing? Find out how a move down south reinvigorated this big city girl.

A Place to Call Home in Music City

Elizabeth loved living in Nashville, but her busy job in the film and TV industry meant a lot of time on the road. Could she handle the responsibility of owning a home, given her career?

First Comes Love, Then Comes Everything Else

Joe and Alison weren’t married yet, but they knew they wanted to spend their lives together, so when the perfect house came onto the market they took the leap into homeownership. That’s when things got really good.

The Perfect Portland Fixer-Upper

Charise and Joshua knew that if they wanted to live in Portland, one of the most competitive housing markets in the country, finding their dream home would mean thinking outside the box.