You’ve got the mortgage – now find the perfect home

  • Position yourself as a strong buyer in today’s competitive market
  • Complete the majority of the mortgage process before looking for a home – including underwriting
  • Shop for a home with the confidence of knowing you’re a step ahead of other buyers

Mortgage First is a great choice for first-time and experienced home buyers alike – and having a loan that’s fully underwritten upfront keeps the focus on finding the right property, not on the competition.

Why you should choose Quicken Loans?

  • You’ll work with Home Loan Experts. Over the last 31 years, we’ve learned how understanding the unique needs of each client makes a difference.
  • Mortgages are all we do, and you can bet we do mortgages unlike any other lender – that’s why you won’t find cutting-edge loan options like Mortgage First or YOURgage anywhere else!
  • You manage your mortgage wherever, whenever. Our exclusive online tools, like MyQL and our mortgage calculator app, let you track and manage your mortgage process from start to finish – all in the palm of your hand.
  • You’ll have the simplest, smartest mortgage experience ever. We’ll give you proactive updates so you never miss a beat as we’re financing your loan.
  • We’re a lender you can trust. We’re committed to providing you a hassle-free, transparent experience that’s earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

A few popular loan options for home buyers:

How Mortgage First works

  • Mortgage First is an upfront approval for home buyers exclusively from Quicken Loans.
  • This approval program is available on nearly all of our loan options (with the exception of refinance-only programs).
  • Unlike a preapproval, we’ll verify your assets, income and credit to fully underwrite the loan upfront – before you shop for a home.
  • Once you find a home, an appraisal will be completed and if everything checks out – you’re on your way to getting the keys to your new home.
  • Whether you’re an experienced home buyer or a first-timer, this special approval allows you to negotiate and make an offer on a property with confidence.
  • Mortgage First is the next best thing to paying cash in hand, you can position yourself as a strong, serious buyer in a today’s real estate market – and show the competition you truly mean business.

Mortgage First and preapproval both take place before shopping for a home. But what’s the difference?

  • Mortgage First is an upfront option where a buyer is fully approved for a mortgage (pending property qualification) determined by a complete verification of credit, assets, debt and income.
  • A preapproval letter is traditionally issued after a credit check and a preliminary screening of documents. After a buyer has selected a property, their credit, assets, debt and income must still be fully verified in addition to property qualification.
  • With Mortgage First, the majority of the mortgage process is complete prior to shopping and finding a property. All that’s pending is property qualification – and, of course, closing the loan.
  • When a buyer with a preapproval letter makes an offer, the seller must delay acceptance until the amount is fully approved by the lender – leaving the buyer vulnerable to the competition while waiting on multiple verifications.
  • Mortgage First makes an offer stand out among the competition in today’s real estate market – and is the second best thing to having cash in hand. A seller can expect an offer to go through seamlessly – and the buyer can shop with confidence knowing they’re fully approved by Quicken Loans.

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