Refinancing your home? Buying one? Have you thought about when you’d ideally like to pay off your mortgage? Probably not. Well, it’s time for you to figure it out.

You may have thought you had two term options for your mortgage: 15 or 30 years. Well, you’re partially right. You can choose 15 or 30 years – or any other number you want from 8–30 years! No kidding.

Only Quicken Loans offer the YOURgage, which allows you to customize the length of your loan term to fit your personal situation. Want to pay off your loan sooner and put that cash toward retirement? Want to lengthen the term of your loan to lower your payment? You have these choices with the YOURgage.

You should be managing your mortgage along with the rest of your finances. Use it to your benefit. Check out what The Street has to say about the fantastic benefits of a unique mortgage term.



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