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In my constant effort to rid my house of harmful chemical cleaners, I found vodka, like vinegar, has a long tradition of multiple household uses. With the high alcohol content, vodka is a great bacteria killing cleaner. So as far-fetched as this may sound, if you really think about it, using vodka as a cleaner in your home is a great idea.

After trying a couple at home, I have to say that I’ll always have a full bottle of vodka on my shelf and it won’t be for drinking either.

Keep Laundry Fresh
It may sound crazy, but putting vodka in a spray bottle and misting your clothes with it will keep them fresh longer. Because of its high alcohol content, the vodka kills bacteria that causes odor. I know you’re thinking, “But won’t I smell like a bar?” No. I noticed that if sprayed in small amounts vodka doesn’t leave you smelling like a bar because it dries with zero boozy smell.

Killing and Cleaning Mold Spots
Fill a spray bottle and spritz the moldy area you intend to clean. Let the vodka go to work for 10-15 minutes, then scrub away with a brush or abrasive sponge. This is perfect for your shower and bathroom area, which tends to gather mold with its warm, moist environment.

Glass and Chrome Cleaner
Spray vodka directly on the glass or chrome you want to clean and wipe away with a rag. It’ll bring back that chrome shine you loved the day you bought your chrome-whatever. If you mix half vodka and half water, you’ll make a powerful window cleaner that’ll leave your windows streak free.

Jewelry Cleaner
You can also soak non-porous stone jewelry, so no pearls or opals, in a little bit of vodka instead of taking it to a jeweler and shelling out tons of money to have him or her clean it with harsh chemicals. After soaking your jewelry for about 5-10 minutes, depending on how dirty it is, rinse it off with water and let thoroughly dry.

Dissolve Grease or Adhesive Glue on Dishes
To make your dish soap truly power through baked on, caked on, and disgustingly greasy dishes, add a few drops of vodka to your dish soap. Or if you buy new plates but have a hard time getting those sales stickers off, spray vodka on the stickers and let it sit for a couple of minutes. You’ll be able to get those discount stickers off with ease.

The high alcohol content of vodka makes it an awesome alternative anti-bacterial cleaning agent in your home. From your bathroom to your jewelry, buying a cheap bottle of vodka for cleaning can save you money.  Rather than buying multiple cleaning sprays with dangerous chemicals, just keep some vodka and vinegar around the house. Obviously don’t buy the good stuff for your cleaning. Save the top shelf vodka for your martinis and screw drivers once you finished cleaning the house.

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