Vine App ReviewSmart phone users can now add amateur filmmaking to their resume of qualifications. Well not exactly, but there has certainly been a large amount of excitement floating around the interwebs over the last two weeks as Twitter rolled out the unofficial “video of Instagram,” Vine. Vine will serve as Twitter’s standalone video app, allowing users to record six seconds of video, also known as a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and turn those six seconds into your very own piece of cinema. You can then share with the rest of your social community your latest masterpiece.

So how does it work? Once you hit the camera icon, you touch and hold the screen to record your video and release your finger when you want to stop recording. After you are done recording you will see the video running a continuous loop. From there you will be able to caption, add a location, tag and then share directly to Facebook, Twitter and/or Vine.

What draws me to this app is the feed of featured videos that are constantly coming in. This feature allows the user to see what videos are popular and allows the user to draw creativity from other users. This can also act as a distraction because, instead of looking at a feed of Instagram images, I am now drawn into a feed of six-second videos.

Currently Vine is free and is available in the iTunes Store. Wait, did I just say, iTunes store?! Yes it is true, Vine is available only for the iPhone, however an Android version will be on its way very soon. So for all iPhone users, head over to the App store and let your creative side run wild with this addictive new app. And for you Android users, well from a frequent Vine “filmographer,” it is definitely worth the wait!


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