Many Americans may be falsely under the impression that the more you spend for a product, the better the quality or contents.

As a sneaker connoisseur, I can account for the validity of this statement as I rarely considered purchasing sneakers in the past that didn’t cost at least $175.

It wasn’t until I purchased the ultra sleek Kobe Bryant Krazy Eight basketball sneakers that I realized supreme comfort and quality could be obtained for a far more reasonable price.

Recent reports suggest that the same is true with food and produce. Whereas the high cost for organic and imported foods have been justified by consumers in the past, new research questions the cost and health benefits of these pricy foods.

For example, the Japanese delicacy of Kobe Beef is only produced in the Hyogo region of Japan and , due to USDA laws, can’t legally be imported to the U.S. Furthermore, the cattle standards for Kobe are so strict that only 3000 cows are certified as Kobe in the entire world.

Knowing that real Kobe beef has never legally entered America may raise an eyebrow when you see restaurants, grocery stores and butchers label various cuts Kobe – without informing consumers of the meat’s true origin.

Several other fancy food frauds have been uncovered in an awesome Infographic, courtesy of our friends at Frugal Dad.

Take a look below to discover what fancy foods you have been grossly overpaying to consume.

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