If the crowds at this year’s Black Friday sales are an accurate indication of what last-minute holiday shoppers will endure as they make their final purchases, this list will be very beneficial as you head out to navigate through the masses.

If you use direct mail companies and purchase gift cards, the people on your gift list can obtain the perfect gifts without you standing in lines long enough to suggest that the government has resumed passing out stimulus checks.

Here are some tips to help you keep your sanity while pretending to be Santa this year.

Purchase from a direct mail company.

If long lines are enough to bring out your inner Ebenezer Scrooge, purchase your last-minute gifts from a direct mail company such as Amazon, eBay, or Eastbay.  These online direct mail companies offer a lot of the same items you can purchase at the mall without waiting in the long lines.  Shipping may vary due to the new USPS mail delivery specifications but as long as you don’t wait until the day before, your gifts should arrive in enough time to spread the Christmas cheer to your loved ones and friends.

Give gift cards to give options.

It’s pretty safe to assume that most of the people who have ever received a gift card, actually appreciated it.  Thus, gift cards are not only the perfect gift to give people who have specific preferences, gift cards are also a gift to the giver, who experiences minimal time in the store and in line!  Aside from being reusable and recyclable, gift cards are truly the gift that keeps on giving as websites such as Plastic Jungle allow users to trade unwanted gift cards with other users and even purchase unwanted gift cards at a discounted price.

Many stores are creating promotions to persuade buyers to come out and shop. Green Monday (December 12) was created by eBay to intice shoppers into taking advantage of the last 10 days before Christmas.  In 2009 alone, reports show that Green Monday generated $854 million dollars in online sales.

Retailers are pushing back shipping deadlines and pushing free shipping deals for online purchases to attempt to recreate the success of Green Monday in 2009.

For more last-minute holiday shopping tips, read the entire “Sanity-saving shopping tips” article at the USA Today Money page.



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