As technology continually advances, new devices paired with software introduced during the information age have made completing daily tasks a lot easier. While many new technologies and products aim to assist big companies and corporations, engineers often repurpose these new technological advances for home use.

With this in mind, I present you with the top five home technology upgrades.

Fingerprint Entry System

Starting Cost – $200

Today, scientists have seemingly followed in the footsteps of Star Trek in their attempts “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” And they have been largely successful.

In the 1980s, fingerprint entry was a technology seen only on futuristic television shows like Star Trek.  Today, keyless entry companies such as Centurion sell biometric fingerprint access entry systems in many styles ranging from affordable models to more luxurious units.

Security Cameras

Starting Cost – $80

Recently, security cameras have evolved from giant shoebox-sized cameras with grainy black-and-white film to miniature remote-controlled devices capable of producing HD-quality video.

Q-See, a surveillance equipment and security solutions company, sells a wide range of surveillance equipment.  For less than $15, frugal shoppers can purchase a single dome decoy security camera, sure to make intruders think twice before entering your home.

Q-see also offers elaborate security systems with as many as eight HD cameras and a 16-channel DVR with worldwide smart phone playback accessibility. Today, with the assistance of security cameras, you can keep an eye on your home from virtually any place in the world!

Electronic Driveway Entry Gates

Starting Cost – $ 1,000

Electronic driveway entry gates add an element of exclusivity and protection to your home. You will surely sleep easier at night knowing an electric driveway gate serves as a barrier between your automobile and home and potential perpetrators.

Amazing Gates, a gate system company based in New Mexico, offers several electronic driveway entry gates that will add safety and restricted access to your home.

Indoor LED Lighting

Starting Cost – $15 (single)

The light-emitting diode, LED, has virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of indoor lighting.

The three main uses of LEDs for indoor lights include:

Recently, LED lights have emerged everywhere – they’re built into furniture and even pulsating light boxes that can be synced to your music.

Adding an LED lighting system to your home may be the fastest way to keep up with the Joneses, or at least live in the moment.

Wireless Weather Station

Starting Cost – $ 200

You don’t have to be a storm chaser to appreciate the convenience a wireless weather station provides.

Wireless weather stations give homeowners the most accurate humidity, barometric pressure, and wind speeds in their specific location. Knowing and understanding what the weather is doing is beneficial information whether you wish to protect the vegetables in your garden or simply want to be prepared for a natural weather disaster.

Technology upgrades for your home can add more efficiency, security, and excitement to your everyday life. Next time you make a home improvement, consider upgrading your home technology as well. The advancements may end up saving you money and headaches in the long run.

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