It’s safe to say that Apple has had a stranglehold on the majority of the tablet market since the release of the first iPad in April of 2010.

Although Microsoft recently invested $300 million into the Nook eReader technology, it may be a while until Barnes & Noble creates a tablet with the new Windows 8 technology to rival the popular iPad.

With reports revealing that the new iPad 3 sold a staggering 3 million units in three days, it’s no surprise that the iPad is set to become a more common household product than the desktop computer in the near future.

With base model (WiFi equipped) units starting at $499 and pricier 3G models with higher memory capabilities costing as much as $830, it’s easy to understand why the iPad accounted for 20 percent of Apple’s revenue in the first quarter. Also, the popularity of cool apps like Free GPS and UpTo help boost iPad sales even more.

The abundance of apps available for iPad users at the App Store serves as a primary reason this hand-held device is more popular than any other tablet.

With this in mind, here are my top five apps for the iPad.


Thinking about purchasing a pair of shoes that caught your eye during your lunch break, but don’t want to risk overdrafting your checking account? Download the Xpenser app for free and sync your checking information to your personal finance portfolio.  This app allows you to check your balances and calculate deductions in real time.  The Xpenser app also allows users to sign up for automated phone, e-mail, voice, Twitter and instant messages that update you on deductions made from your account and current balances. Xpenser permits users to import bank and credit statements as well as track the amount of time you spend on work-related calls for accurate reimbursements.

Currency Converter

If you’re having a night on the town and decide to take your adventure across the bridge to Canada, but wonder how your U.S. dollars will exchange for Canadian currency,  download Currency Converter app and convert international currency with the touch of a button, or tap of a touchscreen. Currency Converter also allows users to:

  • Convert over 180 currencies
  • Convert four types of precious metals

Billeo Shop Smart

Tired of unexpected overdraft fees due to automated deductions for monthly bills? Download the Billeo app for free and use the Bill Pay option to:

  • Remind you when a bill is due
  • Get your permission before sending a payment from your bank account
  • Obtain receipts and confirmation pages for bills paid
  • Create transaction reports, track your spending, and gather tax information

Free GPS

If you’re like me and have a terrible sense of direction, the Free GPS navigation app is a must-have for your iPad and iPhone. It has several interfaces to help you find your destination including:

  • Interactive maps
  • Waypoint icons to track your progress to your destination
  • New satellite and hybrid maps

Word Lens

If you’re a frequent traveler, live with an exchange student, or simply want assistance learning a new language, the Word Lens app is a great iPad tool to help you translate foreign languages. By simply pointing your iPad or iPhone camera at a menu, street sign or any text of foreign language, you can instantly view the translated text on your hand held device. Here is a cool video tutorial of Word Lens so you can discover how awesome the app is before you pay $9 to download the translation tool.



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