Will You Charge Your Children Rent After College? - Quicken Loans Zing BlogMany college students are under the impression that a college degree will automatically transition into a high-paying job once they fulfill their graduation requirements.

Yet, countless graduates experience a rude awakening when they actually begin to apply for employment and realize that there are simply not enough jobs to keep up with the growing workforce in America.

While graduates with a degree in a technical field such as engineering or computer science remain in high demand, graduates with degrees in architecture have been affected by the housing crisis, as an astounding 13.9% of these graduates are currently unemployed, according to CNBC.

If you’re currently deciding on a major or just wondering which college degrees hold the least weight in our current economy, here is a list of the top 10 college majors with the largest unemployment rate according to AOL JOBS:

10.) EconomicsUnemployment rate 9.4%

9.) Ethnic and Civilization studies Unemployment rate 10.1%

8.) History Unemployment rate 10.2%

7.) AnthropologyUnemployment rate 10.5%

6.) Philosophy and Religious studies Unemployment rate 10.8%

5.) Information SystemsUnemployment rate 11.7%

4.) Commercial Art and Graphic DesignUnemployment rate 11.8%

3.) Fine Arts Unemployment rate 12.6%

2.) Film, Video and Photographic ArtsUnemployment rate 12.9%

1.) ArchitectureUnemployment rate 13.9%

From my personal experience, obtaining a college degree is more of a personal accomplishment that can provide you with the confidence and knowledge to succeed in the workforce if you make the most of your opportunities.

Here is a cool infographic from the Best Degree Programs that elaborates on the college majors that may not get you an interview.

Bad Majors
Source: Best Degree Programs

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