Top 10 Cities for Veterans

This week was Military Families Week! In observance of the hard work that our military and their families do, we wanted to share some helpful information about great places to live and work after the military. There was an article published this week on AOL’s Jobs section talking about 10 great cities for veterans. It looks at features such as the job market, accessibility to military support and services, cost of living, education, and local tax laws, among other things.

Advantages of a VA Loan

For military families who are thinking about purchasing a home, there are also great programs and tax benefits available. According to IRS website, members of the miliary have until April 30th to claim the Homebuyer Tax Credit, which is an $8,000 tax credit or 10% of the home purchase price – whichever is smaller. Repeat buyers are eligible for a $6,500 credit or 10% of the purchase price. In addition, VA Loans have other advantages such as no down payment options and a streamlined process.

Here is the summarized list of the best cities for veterans. Please check out the full article on AOL Jobs.

The Top 10 Cities for Veterans:

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Fayetteville, North Carolina
  3. Jacksonville, North Carolina
  4. Waco, Texas
  5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  6. College Station-Bryan, Texas
  7. Harrisburg- Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  8. San Angelo, Texas
  9. Madison, Wisconsin
  10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

You can read the full article here –|main5|dl11|sec1_lnk2|55881

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  1. Yeah I am from San Angelo. Even though this is a small city but no doubt its a good city to live. Its my birthplace and I have completed my graduation from Angelo State University. So I am living in this city for almost 26 years. I can say this is one of the pacific city within USA. There are almost zero crime and simple but very aesthetic looking city it is.

    However I red the article and it is nice one. I want to give thanks to the author for including my favorite city to the article..


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