Tips to Protect Your Computer From Viruses - Quicken Loans Zing BlogIn the infancy days of peer-to-peer file sharing, millions of Internet users flocked to Napster and LimeWire for their free music-focused online services.

Free music was so easily accessible that even the most novice Internet users could effortlessly download their favorite tunes to a CD in a matter of minutes.

Yet, when musicians like Alanis Morissette and Garth Brooks got behind the Artist Against Piracy movement, voicing their support for the intellectual property rights of musicians, computer viruses became increasingly synonymous with downloading free music from peer-to-peer file sharing networks.

While numerous digital music consumers are now willing to pay the 99 cents it costs to purchase a single song on iTunes, others are still trying to beat the system and download music for free putting their computers at risk for viruses or Malware attacks.

With more than 90 million unique strands of malware in the wild, according to McAfee security software, it’s more important to protect your computer today than in 2000 when computer viruses were second nature.

Here are some ways you may protect your computer from Malware attacks and computer viruses:

McAfee Total Protection

Price – $89.99

McAfee Total Protection not only provides users with protection from virus and online threats, it also provides users with protection from network threats as well.

While you can obtain cheaper software for computer protection, the software may only protect against two of the main three computer dangers (viruses or online threats).

To ensure that your computer is safe from online threats, viruses and network threats, I suggest a three in one software protection package such as the McAfee Total Protection pack.

Norton Antivirus

Price – $49.99

Whereas McAfee Total Protection is considered the top level of protection for your computer, Norton Antivirus is a great source for mid-level protection against viruses and spyware. And for $40 less than McAfee Total Protection, Norton users enjoy five levels of protection.

Spyware protection for your computer is important because without it, hackers can invade your privacy and collect information from your computer without you knowing!

Update your operating system

Computers using insecure operating systems like Windows ME, Windows 98 and Windows 95 are so outdated they leave your computer vulnerable to attacks.

Upgrading your operating system to a newer version, such as Microsoft Windows Vista, may lower your computer’s vulnerability to viruses and Malware attacks.

Kaspersky Password Manager

Price – $24.95

If you’re like most Americans and have difficulty remembering the numerous passwords you use for email, social media, online bill payments and shopping, Kaspersky Password Manager is the perfect software to secure your personal data and obtain digital identity protection.

Not only does Kaspersky secure all of your passwords in an encrypted vault, a single master password will automatically complete all of your log-ins!

After you decide on an authentication method, Kaspersky can also assist users completing long web forms while protecting your computer from keyloggers simultaneously.

The $25 you spend on Kaspersky Password Manager could potentially save your finances from hackers and online thieves in the future.

McAfee Mobile Security

Price – $19.99 

Believe it or not, iPads may one day become more popular than desktop computers, making Malware attacks on mobile devices more and more common.

For under $20 you can obtain mobile protection for your tablet or smartphone to make sure your credit card information from all of your eBay or Amazon purchases is not compromised.

Reset the password on your firewall

Although firewalls are used to block hackers from accessing your computer, many users make the common mistake of failing to reset the firewall password when they get the device home.

In short, failing to reset the password of your firewall is like having an awesome alarm system on your Ferrari, but continually leaving the keys in the ignition when you park.

Failing to properly protect your computer may not only result in viruses or malware attacks, you may also leave yourself open to identity theft or worse.

If you’re already familiar with the aforementioned computer protections and are interested in alternative brands, AVG, Webroot and Bitdefender are also good options.

When shopping for computer protection, consider some of the options listed above so you can enjoy safe travels surfing the Internet!


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  1. Hello there! I suggest that you may choose an antivirus that contains almost all of these features— like ESET Antivirus. Well, ESET Antivirus wouldnt just a good antivirus, it has automatic daily updates, it quarantined infected files and it prompts from minimal to serious threats detected.

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