Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving - Quicken Loans Zing BlogOn Thanksgiving Day most people eat until they are stuffed and then fall asleep or watch football. But this year, try out these tips for a healthier holiday.

Get active

Before you and your family indulge in a rich feast, get some exercise. Sign up for a family-fun race like the Turkey Trot to get everyone up and running. Or while the food is cooking, take a walk around the neighborhood. While you’re all watching the football game, take a break and play some football of your own.  Create a calorie deficit by burning some calories before you dig into your favorite foods – this will help balance out the large meal.

Portion control

While it’s tempting to just eat the pumpkin pie straight from the pan, control your portions. Before you fill your plate with two scoops of everything, take a look around the table and prioritize what you really want. If you keep your portions smaller, you will be able to eat more of a variety without feeling too full to move. When you finally sit down to eat, savor the food – don’t eat it all in one bite. Eating slower will help you feel more satisfied at the end of your meal. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep you feeling full and hydrated.

Cook healthier

If you’re the one making the dinner, take some liberties and lighten up the meal. When choosing the appetizers, go for fruits and veggies instead of dips and fried food. Choose low-calorie munchies to serve your guests. Prepare a large salad for the group that is full of greens and low on things like cheese and creamy dressings. Cut down on the butter where you can, and serve fresh fruit as an option for dessert.


Volunteering during the holiday and giving back to the community will force you to stay away from the constant flow of food, and it will keep you on your feet.

Let us know your own ways that you stay healthy during the holidays!


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