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Oscar party treats. Image courtesy of HGTV

Oscar nominations have been announced and you know what that means… awards season is upon us, bringing with it glitz, glamour and awards parties. Whether you’re getting together with friends to check out the Hollywood starlets’ latest styles or to see who will walk away a winner, you want to do it in style. This is an awards show party, after all.

Want to know how to throw a bash that would impress even the Hollywood A-list? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tips and tricks to make your at-home awards party the talk of the town.


The awards season is all about glamour: red carpets, sparkly dresses and polished awards. Bring a piece of Hollywood into your home with a red carpet. It’ll dress up the hallway and your friends will get a kick out of it. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you buy a real red carpet; you can get a red carpet runner for pretty cheap at your local party store.

Going for more glitz? Add some sparkle! Make gold-dipped glassware with some spray paint and painter’s tape. It’s simple and still glamorous.

Another great way to decorate for an awards party is with food. Cupcakes make a pretty centerpiece when you add toppers. Or add interest to the table with Oscars-shaped cookies.

Looking for something a little less sweet? Set up a popcorn bar! Guests can choose their favorite kind, and it’s a great tie-in with the movie theme.


What’s an awards show without a vote? You can find printable versions of awards show ballots or you can make your own. Print them out and leave them on the table for guests to fill out as they come in. Tally your group’s votes and see if your party guessed correctly.

A fun idea for any party, and especially awards show parties, is a photo wall. You can use feather boas, scarves, sunglasses, chalkboards and even celebrity cutouts as props. Get a sparkly background to add some pizzazz and your guests will have fun posting photos to Twitter and Instagram all night!

Those are our awards show party tips, but what are yours? Anything we missed that could make the next awards party even better? Let us know in the comments section.


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