Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Dining Table Ideas - Quicken Loans Zing BlogThere’s less than a month until Thanksgiving and if you’re hosting your family for the biggest feast of the year, you can’t have a boring table. It has to be inviting, warm and comforting for your guests.

If you have no clue what to do for a Thanksgiving centerpiece or need some dining table ideas, fear not, I have provided my favorite suggestions below. You can do this!

Fallen Leaves

If you have an oblong table, lay a premade swag or garland of artificial leaves and pinecones down the center of the table. Nestle candle pedestals of varying heights, alternating on both sides of the swag, concentrating on the center portion of the table. Then, you can place real or faux pumpkins on the tops of the pedestals to create a visually pleasing play of autumn color.

Warm Wreath

Buy a premade wreath made of faux leaves or pumpkins, or create your own. Buy a twine or foam wreath and hot glue glittered pumpkins, acorns, sparkly pinecones and beaded fruit. Add a few pheasant-colored feathers and some orange and brown leaves and you’ll have a special centerpiece you can use for years to come. Create a warm ambience by placing a cake plate in the center of the wreath (for height) and add a glass hurricane lantern on top of it with a pillar candle inside.

Natural Vase

Scoop out the inside of a pumpkin or large gourd to serve as a natural vase for mums, daisies, wheat and more. Hot glue a piece of floral foam (available at your local craft store) to the bottom of the inside. Place your fresh or silk stems into the foam for a beautiful display. Flank the vase with smaller hallowed out gourds and place tea lights in them to tie it all together.

Goblets of Thanks

Find seven or eight (or less if your table is smaller) clear wine glasses of varying sizes and heights. Take a square piece of paper and fold it in half to make a tent that fits into the glass. Write one word on both sides of the tent that reflects what you are thankful for (family, health, laughter, etc.). Place the glasses upside down (stem up) and put the tent under the glass. This allows for both sides of the table to see what you’re thankful for. Place pillar candles on top of the glasses and cluster all of them together in the center of the table or display them in a straight line. Scatter leaves around them for a finishing touch.

Bountiful Basket or Cornucopia

Depending on the size of your table, buy a square, round or cornucopia-shaped basket and fill it with fruits and vegetables (real or faux). Have the items appear to overflow by having grapes cascade down the sides of the basket or have gourds tumbling out of the side of a tilted display. Thanksgiving is a time to show a bountiful harvest, and if you can find artificial corn, fruits and vegetables in beaded or sequined styles, you can make a truly stunning focal point on your table.

The First Thanksgiving

If you happen to have a ship replica at home, you can make this the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table display. Add figurines of Pilgrims and Native Americans to flank both sides of the ship to represent the Mayflower and the first Thanksgiving feast. If you can’t find Pilgrims, flank the ship with large wheat stalks and corn or bowls of fruit and vegetables to symbolize the harvest.

Branched Out

If you believe less is more, this might be a better fit for your Thanksgiving display. Forget the flowers and gourds and place a cluster of tall dried branches in a wide-mouthed vase and scatter colorful leaves at the base of the vase to make it look like they just fell off. To fill extra space in the vase, you can add wheat or faux berry stems from a local craft store to add color while still keeping a natural look. For an added element, have all of your Thanksgiving guests write something they’re thankful for on a small piece of paper, punch a whole through it and hang them with string like ornaments on the branches.

Complementary Accents

A nice centerpiece can only shine if accompanying pieces complement your focal point.

Linens: Use a full tablecloth or runner in a bronze, brown, gold, cinnamon or fern-colored material to act as a warm backdrop for your centerpiece. Include cloth napkins at each place setting with fall-themed napkin rings to tie the whole look together.

Dishware: Having a fall or harvest-themed display means you can’t just throw your typical cereal bowl on the table and call it a day. If possible, find dishes, plates and bowls that feature leaves, a turkey or pumpkins. At minimum, you should have solid-colored dishware that complements your linens and centerpiece.

Chandelier Décor: If you have a light source above your table that allows for decorative accents, go for it! I strung a mini glass leaf garland around the chandelier and it cascades nicely and makes the table look more dramatic. Hang some faux gourds on a string and suspend them from the chandelier, or weave a garland of orange and red leaves to spruce up the lighting!

The possibilities are endless for warm and inviting Thanksgiving centerpieces and dining table ideas. What do you plan on putting together for your Turkey Day table?


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