Over here at Quicken Loans, we love us some technology.

It’s more than just a love, though – it could be classified as a passion.

We’re always looking for innovative ways to implement ground-breaking technology into the mortgage industry to help our clients have a smoother and faster mortgage experience.

Quicken Loans CEO Bill Emerson sat down with Jordan Fylonenko from our Public Relations team to discuss just how important technology is at Quicken Loans in this month’s installment of “Markets and Musings.”

Bill explained,

Technology has become so critically important to our business, and I think it should become more important to the industry. But it’s not just technology alone – it’s technology and process. What we’ve been able to do is take our technology, which has been built internally, and leverage it tremendously in how we handle the mortgage transaction from end-to-end. What we’re able to do is give our folks that are working on those loans visibility in what they should be working on and help prioritize that work, so that at the end of the day, they just need to figure out how to help that client.

Bill also chimed in on how great a time it is to refinance or get a new mortgage, saying,

A lot of people are refinancing still – rates are still in the low to mid 4.00s, so that really doesn’t impact a whole lot of people. When rates tick up a little bit, I think it gives people a wake up call that they need to think about what they’re doing and stop procrastinating and take advantage of the opportunity.

Take a look at the video below and see all Bill had to say. If you cannot view the video below, click here.

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