Technology Personal FinanceGone are the days of saving receipts, scribbling numbers in your checkbook ledger, and manually calculating how much money you actually have left to your name.

Technology advances have made organizing your personal finances so easy, anyone with a smartphone , iPad, or cellphone with the capability to download applications (apps) can manage their personal finances as if they’re one of the nation’s top financial managers.

Mobile apps for your cellphone transport your personal finance office wherever life takes you for the day.

Thinking about purchasing a pair of shoes that caught your eye during your lunch break, but don’t want to risk over drafting your checking account? Download the Xpenser app for free and sync your checking information to your personal finance portfolio.  This app allows you to check your balances and calculate deductions in real time.  The Xpenser app also allows users to sign up for automated phone, e-mail, voice, Twitter, and instant messages that update you on deductions made from your account and current balances.  Xpenser permits users to import bank and credit statements as well as track the amount of time you spend on work related calls for accurate reimbursements.

Maybe you’re having a night on the town and decide to take your adventure across the bridge to Canada but wonder how your 50 American dollars will exchange for Canadian currency… download Finance for Android and convert international currency with the touch of a button, or tap of a touchscreen.  Finance for Android also allows users to:

  • Get real-time U.S. stock quotes
  • Access real-time market data
  • Obtain finance news reports delivered right to your Android

Finally, if you are tired of unexpected overdraft fees due to automated deductions for monthly bills, download the Billeo app for free and use the Bill Pay option to:

  • Remind you when a bill is due
  • Get your permission before sending a payment from your bank account
  • Obtain receipts and conformation pages for bills paid
  • Create transaction reports, track your spending, and gather tax information

Technology has advanced to help everyone improve their everyday life.  Staying on top of your personal finances has evolved from penning ledgers, to your cellphone capturing e-receipts that automatically update your year-to-date tax information.

Keep better track of your finances by downloading a personal finance organization app today.  Many are free of charge and will make paying an overdraft fee as obsolete as a penning a checkbook ledger.

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