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Going out to the bar with your friends? “Call a cab!” yells your buddy. That’s so 2008. Why call, when you can just use an app? Our smartphones can do so many things nowadays, including hailing a cab for you and your friends. With apps like Uber and Lyft, you can get from point A to point B as simply as tapping a few buttons. So let me tell you about a few of the best taxi apps out there.


Just as their slogan says, Uber is “everyone’s private driver.” In March of 2009, Uber developed this foolproof driver/taxi system. The app connects you with the Uber driver nearest to you by using GPS to detect your location. Click on a car, and the driver’s name and photo, car details, and number pop up in case you need to call or text them.

Uber lets you choose from a variety of cars to match your budget or occasion. To impress a date, you can request an UberLUX for ultimate luxury. If you’re bar hopping with a big group, they offer an UberSUV that fits up to six people.

The easiest part about Uber is the cashless transaction. Your credit card is automatically charged after your trip and they even email you a receipt. The website says “no need to tip,” but a few dollars never hurt anybody. Feedback is very important to the success of this app, so be sure to leave a review and rate your ride, good or bad.


“Your Friend with a Car”

That is the slogan that Lyft lives by. In just five steps, you can get to your destination, and maybe make a new friend along the way! The app’s quite easy to use. Just press the big green button to request a ride, and you’ll get paired with a background-checked driver in your area. You can track their ETA right from your phone and know exactly when they’re ready to pick you up. And Lyft makes it extremely simple to know it’s them, because all Lyft drivers have a pink car mustache right on the grill. While driving to your destination, Lyft urges you to get to know your driver. After you’ve arrived at your destination, both drivers and passengers rate each other. If either of you rate each other three stars or below, you’ll never be matched again. It’s about building a friendly community of drivers and passengers.

And of course, the entire transaction is completely over the phone and involves zero cash. So next time you need a “lyft” (get it?), try out the Lyft app!

Taxi Magic

Like Uber and Lyft, Taxi Magic offers a simple online transaction. Rather than hire their own drivers, Taxi Magic has partnered with more than 20,000 dispatched taxis across the U.S. So for those cities that aren’t equipped with Uber or Lyft quite yet, you can use this app to easily hail and pay for a cab in your city!

Taxi Magic offers so many great options for its customers. It gives you the ability to create a personal profile that holds multiple credit cards and all of your addresses. The app also gives you a fare estimate, provides live route tracking, and even allows you to turn your smartphone into a beacon by flashing the assigned cab number if you’re in a crowd!

Smartphones have made so many facets of life simpler – including getting a taxi. Whether you want to ride in style or ride in a car with a pink mustache on the grill, there are options available for you. Uber, Lyft and Taxi Magic allow you to get to and from your destination easily and, most importantly, safely. So try them out today!

Do you know of any other taxi apps out there? Share in the comments section below!


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