Sometimes “Free” – Really Means Free

USA Today had a great article on free credit reports today.  While a majority of us proceed with caution and skepticism when we see an ad for something that’s “free”, there actually are some things in life that actually are.  Free credit reports and scores is one of them.  No, I’m not talking about, that site requires you to sign up for their service, and if you don’t cancel fast enough – they start charging you (my personal experience). What I’m talking about are sites like our sister company Quizzle, as well as others such as Credit Karma.  These sites actually do offer free services without having to give your credit card number, and with identity theft increasing – everyone should monitor their credit report closely.  Among many financial services, Quizzle also offers credit improvement tools to increase your score for that big purchase like buying a home. Check out USA Today’s full article here, and be sure to get your free credit score!