Penny Stocks: Not Worth The Risk

Penny Stocks: Not Worth the Risk

Investors looking for “the next big thing” might be tempted to take a look at penny stocks. These investments are often in small companies just getting started. To an active investor, they might seem very attractive, offering a huge potential upside for a price well under what one might find on the NASDAQ or NYSE. However, penny stocks are not worth the risks associated with their trading.

Finally! A Good Day for the Stock Market!

In a directionless market, it’s days like these that make you hold on to some hope and optimism. If you take a look at the stock markets today, you’re going to be in for a treat when you see some pretty big green numbers next to your favorite indexes. And if you had to take one big swooping guess as to why the stocks rebounded so strongly today, what would you say?

The Latest Federal Reserve Release in Plain English 4.0

Isn’t it nice to wake up in the morning knowing that you’ll be able to read the Federal Reserve Release in common English later in the day? Don’t act surprised. This isn’t something new to the Zing! Blog. Every time the Fed sends out a press release at the end of their Federal Open Market Committee meeting, I take a stab at breaking it down in an easier to understand format for our readers out there. Just check out the reviews we’ve had: “This is the most informative post I’ve ever read” – My Mom